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fmt::internal::PrintfFormatter< Char > Class Template Reference

#include <format.h>

Public Member Functions

 PrintfFormatter (const ArgList &args)
FMT_API void format (BasicWriter< Char > &writer, BasicCStringRef< Char > format_str)

Private Member Functions

void parse_flags (FormatSpec &spec, const Char *&s)
Arg get_arg (const Char *s, unsigned arg_index=(std::numeric_limits< unsigned >::max)())
unsigned parse_header (const Char *&s, FormatSpec &spec)
- Private Member Functions inherited from fmt::internal::FormatterBase
const ArgListargs () const
 FormatterBase (const ArgList &args)
Arg next_arg (const char *&error)
Arg get_arg (unsigned arg_index, const char *&error)
bool check_no_auto_index (const char *&error)
template<typename Char >
void write (BasicWriter< Char > &w, const Char *start, const Char *end)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<typename Char >
fmt::internal::PrintfFormatter< Char >::PrintfFormatter ( const ArgList args)
1881 : FormatterBase(args) {}
FormatterBase(const ArgList &args)
Definition: format.h:1831
const ArgList & args() const
Definition: format.h:1829

Member Function Documentation

template<typename Char >
FMT_API void fmt::internal::PrintfFormatter< Char >::format ( BasicWriter< Char > &  writer,
BasicCStringRef< Char format_str 
template<typename Char >
Arg fmt::internal::PrintfFormatter< Char >::get_arg ( const Char s,
unsigned  arg_index = (std::numeric_limits< unsigned >::max)() 
template<typename Char >
void fmt::internal::PrintfFormatter< Char >::parse_flags ( FormatSpec spec,
const Char *&  s 
template<typename Char >
unsigned fmt::internal::PrintfFormatter< Char >::parse_header ( const Char *&  s,
FormatSpec spec 

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