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soapStub.h File Reference
#include "stdsoap2.h"
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struct  ns1__executeCommandResponse
struct  ns1__executeCommand
struct  SOAP_ENV__Header
struct  SOAP_ENV__Code
struct  SOAP_ENV__Detail
struct  SOAP_ENV__Reason
struct  SOAP_ENV__Fault


#define SOAP_TYPE_ns1__executeCommandResponse   (9)
#define SOAP_TYPE_ns1__executeCommand   (10)
#define SOAP_TYPE_SOAP_ENV__Header   (11)
#define SOAP_TYPE_SOAP_ENV__Code   (12)
#define SOAP_TYPE_SOAP_ENV__Detail   (14)
#define SOAP_TYPE_SOAP_ENV__Reason   (17)
#define SOAP_TYPE_SOAP_ENV__Fault   (18)
#define SOAP_TYPE__QName   (5)
#define SOAP_TYPE__XML   (6)


typedef char * _QName
typedef char * _XML


SOAP_FMAC5 int SOAP_FMAC6 ns1__executeCommand (struct soap *, char *command, char **result)
SOAP_FMAC5 int SOAP_FMAC6 soap_serve (struct soap *)
SOAP_FMAC5 int SOAP_FMAC6 soap_serve_request (struct soap *)
SOAP_FMAC5 int SOAP_FMAC6 soap_serve_ns1__executeCommand (struct soap *)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define SOAP_TYPE__QName   (5)
#define SOAP_TYPE__XML   (6)
#define SOAP_TYPE_ns1__executeCommand   (10)
#define SOAP_TYPE_ns1__executeCommandResponse   (9)
#define SOAP_TYPE_SOAP_ENV__Code   (12)
#define SOAP_TYPE_SOAP_ENV__Detail   (14)
#define SOAP_TYPE_SOAP_ENV__Fault   (18)
#define SOAP_TYPE_SOAP_ENV__Header   (11)
#define SOAP_TYPE_SOAP_ENV__Reason   (17)

Typedef Documentation

typedef char* _QName
typedef char* _XML

Function Documentation

SOAP_FMAC5 int SOAP_FMAC6 ns1__executeCommand ( struct soap ,
char *  command,
char **  result 
32 { return SOAP_OK; }
#define SOAP_OK
Definition: stdsoap2.h:1245

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+ Here is the caller graph for this function:

SOAP_FMAC5 int SOAP_FMAC6 soap_serve ( struct soap )
21 {
22 #ifndef WITH_FASTCGI
23  unsigned int k = soap->max_keep_alive;
24 #endif
25  do
26  {
27 #ifndef WITH_FASTCGI
28  if (soap->max_keep_alive > 0 && !--k)
29  soap->keep_alive = 0;
30 #endif
32  { if (soap->error >= SOAP_STOP)
33  continue;
34  return soap->error;
35  }
37  {
38 #ifdef WITH_FASTCGI
40 #else
41  return soap_send_fault(soap);
42 #endif
43  }
45 #ifdef WITH_FASTCGI
47  soap_end(soap);
48  } while (1);
49 #else
50  } while (soap->keep_alive);
51 #endif
52  return SOAP_OK;
53 }
SOAP_FMAC1 int SOAP_FMAC2 soap_send_fault(struct soap *soap)
Definition: stdsoap2.cpp:16451
short keep_alive
Definition: stdsoap2.h:2099
int error
Definition: stdsoap2.h:2112
int(* fserveloop)(struct soap *)
Definition: stdsoap2.h:2007
SOAP_FMAC1 int SOAP_FMAC2 soap_begin_serve(struct soap *soap)
Definition: stdsoap2.cpp:15012
Definition: stdsoap2.h:1933
#define soap_destroy(soap)
Definition: stdsoap2.h:2295
SOAP_FMAC5 int SOAP_FMAC6 soap_serve_request(struct soap *soap)
Definition: soapServer.cpp:56
#define SOAP_STOP
Definition: stdsoap2.h:1308
SOAP_FMAC1 void SOAP_FMAC2 soap_end(struct soap *soap)
Definition: stdsoap2.cpp:9279
#define SOAP_OK
Definition: stdsoap2.h:1245
unsigned int max_keep_alive
Definition: stdsoap2.h:2104
SOAP_FMAC5 int SOAP_FMAC6 soap_serve_ns1__executeCommand ( struct soap )
66 { struct ns1__executeCommand soap_tmp_ns1__executeCommand;
67  struct ns1__executeCommandResponse soap_tmp_ns1__executeCommandResponse;
68  char * soap_tmp_string;
69  soap_default_ns1__executeCommandResponse(soap, &soap_tmp_ns1__executeCommandResponse);
70  soap_tmp_string = NULL;
71  soap_tmp_ns1__executeCommandResponse.result = &soap_tmp_string;
72  soap_default_ns1__executeCommand(soap, &soap_tmp_ns1__executeCommand);
73  if (!soap_get_ns1__executeCommand(soap, &soap_tmp_ns1__executeCommand, "ns1:executeCommand", NULL))
74  return soap->error;
77  || soap_end_recv(soap))
78  return soap->error;
79  soap->error = ns1__executeCommand(soap, soap_tmp_ns1__executeCommand.command, soap_tmp_ns1__executeCommandResponse.result);
80  if (soap->error)
81  return soap->error;
84  soap_serialize_ns1__executeCommandResponse(soap, &soap_tmp_ns1__executeCommandResponse);
86  return soap->error;
87  if (soap->mode & SOAP_IO_LENGTH)
91  || soap_put_ns1__executeCommandResponse(soap, &soap_tmp_ns1__executeCommandResponse, "ns1:executeCommandResponse", NULL)
94  return soap->error;
95  };
96  if (soap_end_count(soap)
101  || soap_put_ns1__executeCommandResponse(soap, &soap_tmp_ns1__executeCommandResponse, "ns1:executeCommandResponse", NULL)
104  || soap_end_send(soap))
105  return soap->error;
106  return soap_closesock(soap);
107 }
int error
Definition: stdsoap2.h:2112
Definition: soapStub.h:59
SOAP_FMAC3 int SOAP_FMAC4 soap_putheader(struct soap *soap)
Definition: soapC.cpp:31
soap_mode mode
Definition: stdsoap2.h:1936
Definition: stdsoap2.h:1933
SOAP_FMAC1 int SOAP_FMAC2 soap_end_send(struct soap *soap)
Definition: stdsoap2.cpp:8242
SOAP_FMAC3 void SOAP_FMAC4 soap_default_ns1__executeCommandResponse(struct soap *soap, struct ns1__executeCommandResponse *a)
Definition: soapC.cpp:1285
SOAP_FMAC3 void SOAP_FMAC4 soap_default_ns1__executeCommand(struct soap *soap, struct ns1__executeCommand *a)
Definition: soapC.cpp:1179
SOAP_FMAC3 void SOAP_FMAC4 soap_serializeheader(struct soap *soap)
Definition: soapC.cpp:42
arena_t NULL
Definition: jemalloc_internal.h:624
Definition: soapStub.h:47
SOAP_FMAC1 int SOAP_FMAC2 soap_envelope_end_out(struct soap *soap)
Definition: stdsoap2.cpp:15373
SOAP_FMAC1 int SOAP_FMAC2 soap_body_end_in(struct soap *soap)
Definition: stdsoap2.cpp:15590
SOAP_FMAC1 int SOAP_FMAC2 soap_envelope_end_in(struct soap *soap)
Definition: stdsoap2.cpp:15526
Definition: stdsoap2.h:1349
SOAP_FMAC3 void SOAP_FMAC4 soap_serialize_ns1__executeCommandResponse(struct soap *soap, const struct ns1__executeCommandResponse *a)
Definition: soapC.cpp:1291
SOAP_FMAC3 int SOAP_FMAC4 soap_put_ns1__executeCommandResponse(struct soap *soap, const struct ns1__executeCommandResponse *a, const char *tag, const char *type)
Definition: soapC.cpp:1345
SOAP_FMAC1 int SOAP_FMAC2 soap_response(struct soap *soap, int status)
Definition: stdsoap2.cpp:6119
SOAP_FMAC5 int SOAP_FMAC6 ns1__executeCommand(struct soap *, char *command, char **result)
Definition: LoginRESTService.cpp:32
SOAP_FMAC1 int SOAP_FMAC2 soap_end_count(struct soap *soap)
Definition: stdsoap2.cpp:7184
#define SOAP_OK
Definition: stdsoap2.h:1245
SOAP_FMAC1 int SOAP_FMAC2 soap_envelope_begin_out(struct soap *soap)
Definition: stdsoap2.cpp:15327
SOAP_FMAC1 int SOAP_FMAC2 soap_closesock(struct soap *soap)
Definition: stdsoap2.cpp:5113
SOAP_FMAC1 int SOAP_FMAC2 soap_body_end_out(struct soap *soap)
Definition: stdsoap2.cpp:15558
SOAP_FMAC1 int SOAP_FMAC2 soap_body_begin_out(struct soap *soap)
Definition: stdsoap2.cpp:15539
SOAP_FMAC1 int SOAP_FMAC2 soap_end_recv(struct soap *soap)
Definition: stdsoap2.cpp:8387
SOAP_FMAC3 struct ns1__executeCommand *SOAP_FMAC4 soap_get_ns1__executeCommand(struct soap *soap, struct ns1__executeCommand *p, const char *tag, const char *type)
Definition: soapC.cpp:1247
const char * encodingStyle
Definition: stdsoap2.h:1944
SOAP_FMAC1 int SOAP_FMAC2 soap_begin_count(struct soap *soap)
Definition: stdsoap2.cpp:7117

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+ Here is the caller graph for this function:

SOAP_FMAC5 int SOAP_FMAC6 soap_serve_request ( struct soap )
57 {
59  if (!soap_match_tag(soap, soap->tag, "ns1:executeCommand"))
61  return soap->error = SOAP_NO_METHOD;
62 }
int error
Definition: stdsoap2.h:2112
Definition: stdsoap2.h:1933
SOAP_FMAC1 int SOAP_FMAC2 soap_match_tag(struct soap *soap, const char *tag1, const char *tag2)
Definition: stdsoap2.cpp:2966
Definition: stdsoap2.h:1258
SOAP_FMAC1 int SOAP_FMAC2 soap_peek_element(struct soap *soap)
Definition: stdsoap2.cpp:10626
SOAP_FMAC5 int SOAP_FMAC6 soap_serve_ns1__executeCommand(struct soap *soap)
Definition: soapServer.cpp:65
char tag[SOAP_TAGLEN]
Definition: stdsoap2.h:2069