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Containers.h File Reference
#include "Define.h"
#include "Random.h"
#include "Util.h"
#include <algorithm>
#include <functional>
#include <list>
#include <vector>
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template<class T >
void Trinity::Containers::RandomResizeList (std::list< T > &list, uint32 size)
template<class T , class Predicate >
void Trinity::Containers::RandomResizeList (std::list< T > &list, Predicate &predicate, uint32 size)
template<class C >
C::value_type constTrinity::Containers::SelectRandomContainerElement (C const &container)
template<class C >
C::const_iterator Trinity::Containers::SelectRandomWeightedContainerElement (C const &container, std::vector< double > weights)
template<class C , class Fn >
C::const_iterator Trinity::Containers::SelectRandomWeightedContainerElement (C const &container, Fn weightExtractor)
template<class Iterator1 , class Iterator2 >
bool Trinity::Containers::Intersects (Iterator1 first1, Iterator1 last1, Iterator2 first2, Iterator2 last2)
template<class K , class V , template< class, class, class...> class M, class... Rest>
void Trinity::Containers::MultimapErasePair (M< K, V, Rest...> &multimap, K const &key, V const &value)