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CollisionDetection.h File Reference
#include "G3D/platform.h"
#include "G3D/Vector3.h"
#include "G3D/Plane.h"
#include "G3D/Box.h"
#include "G3D/Triangle.h"
#include "G3D/Array.h"
#include "G3D/Ray.h"
#include "G3D/Line.h"
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class  G3D::CollisionDetection



Detailed Description

Moving collision detection for simple primitives.

Morgan McGuire, [Spherical] collision based on Paul Nettle's and comments by Max McGuire. Ray-sphere intersection by Eric Haines. Box-Box intersection written by Kevin Egan. Thanks to Max McGuire of Iron Lore for various bug fixes. Box-Triangle by Tomas Akenine-Moller

2001-11-19 2010-11-10

Copyright 2000-2012, Morgan McGuire. All rights reserved.