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Movement::CommonInitializer Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 CommonInitializer (float _velocity)
int32 operator() (Spline< int32 > &s, int32 i)

Public Attributes

float velocityInv
int32 time

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Movement::CommonInitializer::CommonInitializer ( float  _velocity)
110 : velocityInv(1000.f/_velocity), time(minimal_duration) { }
int32 time
Definition: MoveSpline.cpp:112
Definition: MoveSpline.cpp:105
float velocityInv
Definition: MoveSpline.cpp:111

Member Function Documentation

int32 Movement::CommonInitializer::operator() ( Spline< int32 > &  s,
int32  i 
114  {
115  time += (s.SegLength(i) * velocityInv);
116  return time;
117  }
int32 time
Definition: MoveSpline.cpp:112
float velocityInv
Definition: MoveSpline.cpp:111

Member Data Documentation

int32 Movement::CommonInitializer::time
float Movement::CommonInitializer::velocityInv

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