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G3D::_internal::VN Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 VN ()
 VN (const Vector3 &v, const Vector3 &n)

Public Attributes

Vector3 vertex
Vector3 normal

Detailed Description

Used by WeldHelper2::smoothNormals.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

G3D::_internal::VN::VN ( )
35 {}
G3D::_internal::VN::VN ( const Vector3 v,
const Vector3 n 
36 : vertex(v), normal(n) {}
Vector3 vertex
Definition: Welder.cpp:32
Vector3 normal
Definition: Welder.cpp:33

Member Data Documentation

Vector3 G3D::_internal::VN::normal
Vector3 G3D::_internal::VN::vertex

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