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fmt::internal::ArgMap< Char > Class Template Reference

#include <format.h>

Public Member Functions

FMT_API void init (const ArgList &args)
const internal::Argfind (const fmt::BasicStringRef< Char > &name) const

Private Types

typedef std::vector< std::pair
< fmt::BasicStringRef< Char >
, internal::Arg > > 
typedef MapType::value_type Pair

Private Attributes

MapType map_

Member Typedef Documentation

template<typename Char>
typedef std::vector<std::pair<fmt::BasicStringRef<Char>, internal::Arg> > fmt::internal::ArgMap< Char >::MapType
template<typename Char>
typedef MapType::value_type fmt::internal::ArgMap< Char >::Pair

Member Function Documentation

template<typename Char>
const internal::Arg* fmt::internal::ArgMap< Char >::find ( const fmt::BasicStringRef< Char > &  name) const
1693  {
1694  // The list is unsorted, so just return the first matching name.
1695  for (typename MapType::const_iterator it = map_.begin(), end = map_.end();
1696  it != end; ++it) {
1697  if (it->first == name)
1698  return &it->second;
1699  }
1700  return 0;
1701  }
MapType map_
Definition: format.h:1688
template<typename Char>
FMT_API void fmt::internal::ArgMap< Char >::init ( const ArgList args)

Member Data Documentation

template<typename Char>
MapType fmt::internal::ArgMap< Char >::map_

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