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fmt::internal::ArgArray< N, true > Struct Template Reference

#include <format.h>

Public Types

typedef Value Type [N > 0?N:1]

Static Public Member Functions

template<typename Formatter , typename T >
static Value make (const T &value)

Member Typedef Documentation

template<unsigned N>
typedef Value fmt::internal::ArgArray< N, true >::Type[N > 0?N:1]

Member Function Documentation

template<unsigned N>
template<typename Formatter , typename T >
static Value fmt::internal::ArgArray< N, true >::make ( const T &  value)
1968  {
1969  Value result = MakeValue<Formatter>(value);
1970  // Workaround a bug in Apple LLVM version 4.2 (clang-425.0.28) of clang:
1971  //
1972  (void)result.custom.format;
1973  return result;
1974  }
Definition: format.h:941
CustomValue custom
Definition: format.h:968
const FieldDescriptor value
Definition: descriptor.h:1522
FormatFunc format
Definition: format.h:953
Definition: format.h:1088

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