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G3D::Frustum Class Reference

#include <Frustum.h>


class  Face

Public Member Functions

Box boundingBox (float minObjectSpaceDepth=finf()) const

Public Attributes

SmallArray< Vector4, 8 > vertexPos
SmallArray< Face, 6 > faceArray

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

Box G3D::Frustum::boundingBox ( float  minObjectSpaceDepth = finf()) const
minObjectSpaceDepthSmallest value permitted for the near plane Z - far plane Z (e.g., to force finite bounds)

Member Data Documentation

SmallArray<Face, 6> G3D::Frustum::faceArray

The faces in the frustum. When the far plane is at infinity, there are 5 faces, otherwise there are 6. The faces are in the order N,R,L,B,T,[F].

SmallArray<Vector4, 8> G3D::Frustum::vertexPos

The vertices, in homogeneous space. The order is that of the near face, starting from the (object space) +x,+y corner and proceeding CCW from the camera's point of view; followed by the far face also in CCW order.

If w == 0, a vertex is at infinity.

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