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7 #ifndef DETOURMATH_H
8 #define DETOURMATH_H
10 #include <math.h>
12 inline float dtMathFabsf(float x) { return fabsf(x); }
13 inline float dtMathSqrtf(float x) { return sqrtf(x); }
14 inline float dtMathFloorf(float x) { return floorf(x); }
15 inline float dtMathCeilf(float x) { return ceilf(x); }
16 inline float dtMathCosf(float x) { return cosf(x); }
17 inline float dtMathSinf(float x) { return sinf(x); }
18 inline float dtMathAtan2f(float y, float x) { return atan2f(y, x); }
20 #endif
float dtMathCeilf(float x)
Definition: DetourMath.h:15
float dtMathCosf(float x)
Definition: DetourMath.h:16
float dtMathFabsf(float x)
Definition: DetourMath.h:12
float dtMathSqrtf(float x)
Definition: DetourMath.h:13
G3D::int16 y
Definition: Vector2int16.h:38
float dtMathAtan2f(float y, float x)
Definition: DetourMath.h:18
float dtMathSinf(float x)
Definition: DetourMath.h:17
float dtMathFloorf(float x)
Definition: DetourMath.h:14
G3D::int16 x
Definition: Vector2int16.h:37