SpellNonMeleeDamage Struct Reference

#include <Unit.h>

Public Member Functions

 SpellNonMeleeDamage (Unit *_attacker, Unit *_target, SpellInfo const *_spellInfo, SpellCastVisual spellVisual, uint32 _schoolMask, ObjectGuid _castId=ObjectGuid::Empty)

Public Attributes

ObjectGuid castId
SpellInfo const * Spell
SpellCastVisual SpellVisual
uint32 damage
uint32 originalDamage
uint32 schoolMask
uint32 absorb
uint32 resist
bool periodicLog
uint32 blocked
uint32 HitInfo
uint32 cleanDamage
bool fullBlock
uint32 preHitHealth

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SpellNonMeleeDamage()

SpellNonMeleeDamage::SpellNonMeleeDamage ( Unit _attacker,
Unit _target,
SpellInfo const *  _spellInfo,
SpellCastVisual  spellVisual,
uint32  _schoolMask,
ObjectGuid  _castId = ObjectGuid::Empty 
296  : target(_target), attacker(_attacker), castId(_castId), Spell(_spellInfo), SpellVisual(spellVisual), damage(0), originalDamage(0),
297  schoolMask(_schoolMask), absorb(0), resist(0), periodicLog(false), blocked(0), HitInfo(0), cleanDamage(0), fullBlock(false), preHitHealth(_target->GetHealth())
298 {
299 }
SpellInfo const * Spell
Definition: Unit.h:549
Unit * attacker
Definition: Unit.h:547
bool periodicLog
Definition: Unit.h:556
SpellCastVisual SpellVisual
Definition: Unit.h:550
ObjectGuid castId
Definition: Unit.h:548
uint32 cleanDamage
Definition: Unit.h:560
uint32 resist
Definition: Unit.h:555
uint64 GetHealth() const
Definition: Unit.h:890
bool fullBlock
Definition: Unit.h:561
uint32 blocked
Definition: Unit.h:557
uint32 schoolMask
Definition: Unit.h:553
uint32 HitInfo
Definition: Unit.h:558
uint32 damage
Definition: Unit.h:551
Unit * target
Definition: Unit.h:546
uint32 originalDamage
Definition: Unit.h:552
uint32 preHitHealth
Definition: Unit.h:562
uint32 absorb
Definition: Unit.h:554

Member Data Documentation

◆ absorb

uint32 SpellNonMeleeDamage::absorb

◆ attacker

Unit* SpellNonMeleeDamage::attacker

◆ blocked

uint32 SpellNonMeleeDamage::blocked

◆ castId

ObjectGuid SpellNonMeleeDamage::castId

◆ cleanDamage

uint32 SpellNonMeleeDamage::cleanDamage

◆ damage

uint32 SpellNonMeleeDamage::damage

◆ fullBlock

bool SpellNonMeleeDamage::fullBlock

◆ HitInfo

uint32 SpellNonMeleeDamage::HitInfo

◆ originalDamage

uint32 SpellNonMeleeDamage::originalDamage

◆ periodicLog

bool SpellNonMeleeDamage::periodicLog

◆ preHitHealth

uint32 SpellNonMeleeDamage::preHitHealth

◆ resist

uint32 SpellNonMeleeDamage::resist

◆ schoolMask

uint32 SpellNonMeleeDamage::schoolMask

◆ Spell

SpellInfo const* SpellNonMeleeDamage::Spell

◆ SpellVisual

SpellCastVisual SpellNonMeleeDamage::SpellVisual

◆ target

Unit* SpellNonMeleeDamage::target

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