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Weather Class Reference

Weather for one zone. More...

#include <Weather.h>

Public Member Functions

 Weather (uint32 zone, WeatherData const *weatherChances)
 Create the Weather object. More...
 ~Weather ()
bool Update (uint32 diff)
 Launch a weather update. More...
bool ReGenerate ()
 Calculate the new weather. More...
bool UpdateWeather ()
 Send the new weather to all players in the zone. More...
void SendWeatherUpdateToPlayer (Player *player)
void SetWeather (WeatherType type, float grade)
 Set the weather. More...
uint32 GetZone () const
 For which zone is this weather? More...
uint32 GetScriptId () const

Private Member Functions

WeatherState GetWeatherState () const
 Get the sound number associated with the current weather. More...

Private Attributes

uint32 m_zone
WeatherType m_type
float m_grade
IntervalTimer m_timer
WeatherData constm_weatherChances

Detailed Description

Weather for one zone.

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