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DatabaseEnv.cpp File Reference
#include "DatabaseEnv.h"
+ Include dependency graph for DatabaseEnv.cpp:


WorldDatabaseWorkerPool WorldDatabase
 Accessor to the world database. More...
CharacterDatabaseWorkerPool CharacterDatabase
 Accessor to the character database. More...
LoginDatabaseWorkerPool LoginDatabase
 Accessor to the realm/login database. More...
HotfixDatabaseWorkerPool HotfixDatabase
 Accessor to the hotfix database. More...

Variable Documentation

CharacterDatabaseWorkerPool CharacterDatabase

Accessor to the character database.

HotfixDatabaseWorkerPool HotfixDatabase

Accessor to the hotfix database.

LoginDatabaseWorkerPool LoginDatabase

Accessor to the realm/login database.

WorldDatabaseWorkerPool WorldDatabase

Accessor to the world database.