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google::protobuf::GoogleOnceDynamic Class Reference

#include <once.h>

Public Member Functions

 GoogleOnceDynamic ()
template<typename T >
void Init (void(*func_with_arg)(T *), T *arg)

Private Attributes

ProtobufOnceType state_

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

google::protobuf::GoogleOnceDynamic::GoogleOnceDynamic ( )
ProtobufOnceType state_
Definition: once.h:157
Definition: once.h:119

Member Function Documentation

template<typename T >
void google::protobuf::GoogleOnceDynamic::Init ( void(*)(T *)  func_with_arg,
T *  arg 
151  {
152  GoogleOnceInit<T>(&this->state_,
153  func_with_arg,
154  arg);
155  }
ProtobufOnceType state_
Definition: once.h:157
internal::NamedArg< char > arg(StringRef name, const T &arg)
Definition: format.h:3248

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Member Data Documentation

ProtobufOnceType google::protobuf::GoogleOnceDynamic::state_

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