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Movement::TransportPathTransform Class Reference

#include <MoveSplineInit.h>

Public Member Functions

 TransportPathTransform (Unit *owner, bool transformForTransport)
Vector3 operator() (Vector3 input)

Private Attributes

bool _transformForTransport

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Movement::TransportPathTransform::TransportPathTransform ( Unit owner,
bool  transformForTransport 
42  : _owner(owner), _transformForTransport(transformForTransport) { }
bool _transformForTransport
Definition: MoveSplineInit.h:47
Unit * _owner
Definition: MoveSplineInit.h:46

Member Function Documentation

Vector3 Movement::TransportPathTransform::operator() ( Vector3  input)
232  {
234  if (TransportBase* transport = _owner->GetDirectTransport())
235  transport->CalculatePassengerOffset(input.x, input.y, input.z);
237  return input;
238  }
bool _transformForTransport
Definition: MoveSplineInit.h:47
Definition: VehicleDefines.h:119
TransportBase * GetDirectTransport() const
Returns the transport this unit is on directly (if on vehicle and transport, return vehicle) ...
Definition: Unit.cpp:14365
#define input
Definition: wire_format_lite.h:242
Unit * _owner
Definition: MoveSplineInit.h:46

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Member Data Documentation

Unit* Movement::TransportPathTransform::_owner
bool Movement::TransportPathTransform::_transformForTransport

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