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G3D::TextInput::WrongTokenType Class Reference

#include <TextInput.h>

Public Member Functions

 WrongTokenType (const std::string &src, int ln, int ch, Token::Type e, Token::Type a)
- Public Member Functions inherited from G3D::TextInput::TokenException
virtual ~TokenException ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from G3D::ParseError
 ParseError ()
virtual ~ParseError ()
 ParseError (const std::string &f, int l, int c, const std::string &m)
 ParseError (const std::string &f, int64 b, const std::string &m)
std::string formatFileInfo () const

Public Attributes

Token::Type expected
Token::Type actual
- Public Attributes inherited from G3D::TextInput::TokenException
std::string sourceFile
- Public Attributes inherited from G3D::ParseError
std::string filename
int64 byte
int line
int character
std::string message

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from G3D::ParseError
enum  { UNKNOWN = -1 }
- Protected Member Functions inherited from G3D::TextInput::TokenException
 TokenException (const std::string &src, int ln, int ch)

Detailed Description

Thrown by the read methods.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

G3D::TextInput::WrongTokenType::WrongTokenType ( const std::string &  src,
int  ln,
int  ch,
Token::Type  e,
Token::Type  a 
1276  :
1277  TokenException(src, ln, ch), expected(e), actual(a) {
1279  message += format("Expected token of type %s, found type %s.",
1281 }
static const char * tokenTypeToString(Token::Type t)
Definition: TextInput.cpp:1253
TokenException(const std::string &src, int ln, int ch)
Definition: TextInput.cpp:1244
std::string __cdecl format(const char *fmt...) G3D_CHECK_PRINTF_ARGS
std::string message
Definition: ParseError.h:44
Token::Type expected
Definition: TextInput.h:534
Token::Type actual
Definition: TextInput.h:535

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Member Data Documentation

Token::Type G3D::TextInput::WrongTokenType::actual
Token::Type G3D::TextInput::WrongTokenType::expected

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