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G3D::G3DSpecification Class Reference

#include <platform.h>

Public Member Functions

 G3DSpecification ()
virtual ~G3DSpecification ()

Public Attributes

bool threadedNetworking
 Should G3D spawn its own network thread? More...

Detailed Description

Options for initG3D and initGLG3D.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

G3D::G3DSpecification::G3DSpecification ( )
404 : threadedNetworking(true) {}
bool threadedNetworking
Should G3D spawn its own network thread?
Definition: platform.h:402
virtual G3D::G3DSpecification::~G3DSpecification ( )
406 {}

Member Data Documentation

bool G3D::G3DSpecification::threadedNetworking

Should G3D spawn its own network thread?

If true, G3D will spawn a thread for network management on the first invocation of G3D::NetServer::create or G3D::NetConnection::connectToServer.

If false and networking is used, the application must explicitly invoke G3D::serviceNetwork() regularly to allow the network code to run.

In either case, the network API is threadsafe.

Default: true.

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