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google::protobuf::internal::StringTypeHandler Class Reference

#include <repeated_field.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static int SpaceUsed (const string &value)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from google::protobuf::internal::StringTypeHandlerBase
static string * New ()
static void Delete (string *value)
static void Clear (string *value)
static void Merge (const string &from, string *to)
static const Typedefault_instance ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from google::protobuf::internal::StringTypeHandlerBase
typedef string Type

Member Function Documentation

static int google::protobuf::internal::StringTypeHandler::SpaceUsed ( const string &  value)
419  {
420  return sizeof(value) + StringSpaceUsedExcludingSelf(value);
421  }
LIBPROTOBUF_EXPORT int StringSpaceUsedExcludingSelf(const string &str)
const FieldDescriptor value
Definition: descriptor.h:1522

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