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Vector4.h File Reference
#include "G3D/platform.h"
#include "G3D/g3dmath.h"
#include "G3D/Vector3.h"
#include "G3D/Vector2.h"
#include "G3D/Table.h"
#include "G3D/HashTrait.h"
#include "G3D/PositionTrait.h"
#include <string>
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class  G3D::Vector4
struct  HashTrait< G3D::Vector4 >
struct  PositionTrait< class G3D::Vector4 >




void G3D::serialize (const Vector4 &v, class BinaryOutput &b)
void G3D::deserialize (Vector4 &v, class BinaryInput &b)
G3D::Vector4 operator* (float s, const G3D::Vector4 &v)

Detailed Description

Homogeneous vector class.

Morgan McGuire,

2002-07-09 2008-11-01

Copyright 2000-2009, Morgan McGuire. All rights reserved.

Function Documentation

G3D::Vector4 operator* ( float  s,
const G3D::Vector4 v 
717  {
718  return v * s;
719 }