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rcRegion Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 rcRegion (unsigned short i)

Public Attributes

int spanCount
unsigned short id
unsigned char areaType
bool remap
bool visited
bool overlap
bool connectsToBorder
unsigned short ymin
unsigned short ymax
rcIntArray connections
rcIntArray floors

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

rcRegion::rcRegion ( unsigned short  i)
515  :
516  spanCount(0),
517  id(i),
518  areaType(0),
519  remap(false),
520  visited(false),
521  overlap(false),
522  connectsToBorder(false),
523  ymin(0xffff),
524  ymax(0)
525  {}
bool remap
Definition: RecastRegion.cpp:530
unsigned short ymax
Definition: RecastRegion.cpp:534
bool connectsToBorder
Definition: RecastRegion.cpp:533
unsigned short ymin
Definition: RecastRegion.cpp:534
unsigned char areaType
Definition: RecastRegion.cpp:529
int spanCount
Definition: RecastRegion.cpp:527
bool overlap
Definition: RecastRegion.cpp:532
bool visited
Definition: RecastRegion.cpp:531
unsigned short id
Definition: RecastRegion.cpp:528

Member Data Documentation

unsigned char rcRegion::areaType
rcIntArray rcRegion::connections
bool rcRegion::connectsToBorder
rcIntArray rcRegion::floors
unsigned short rcRegion::id
bool rcRegion::overlap
bool rcRegion::remap
int rcRegion::spanCount
bool rcRegion::visited
unsigned short rcRegion::ymax
unsigned short rcRegion::ymin

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