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ScriptLoader.h File Reference
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void AddScripts ()

Function Documentation

void AddScripts ( )
38 {
41 #ifdef SCRIPTS
49  AddPetScripts();
52 #endif
53 }
void AddEasternKingdomsScripts()
Definition: eastern_kingdoms_script_loader.cpp:202
void AddEventsScripts()
Definition: events_script_loader.cpp:23
void AddNorthrendScripts()
Definition: northrend_script_loader.cpp:197
void AddPetScripts()
Definition: pet_script_loader.cpp:28
void AddCommandsScripts()
Definition: cs_script_loader.cpp:63
void AddSpellsScripts()
Definition: spell_script_loader.cpp:36
void AddOutlandScripts()
Definition: outland_script_loader.cpp:138
void AddKalimdorScripts()
Definition: kalimdor_script_loader.cpp:120
void AddWorldScripts()
Definition: world_script_loader.cpp:39
void AddMaelstromScripts()
Definition: maelstrom_script_loader.cpp:29
void AddCustomScripts()
Definition: custom_script_loader.cpp:23
void AddOutdoorPvPScripts()
Definition: OutdoorPvPScriptLoader.cpp:27

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