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Formulas.h File Reference
#include "World.h"
#include "SharedDefines.h"
#include "ScriptMgr.h"
#include "Player.h"
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float Trinity::Honor::hk_honor_at_level_f (uint8 level, float multiplier=1.0f)
uint32 Trinity::Honor::hk_honor_at_level (uint8 level, float multiplier=1.0f)
uint8 Trinity::XP::GetGrayLevel (uint8 pl_level)
XPColorChar Trinity::XP::GetColorCode (uint8 pl_level, uint8 mob_level)
uint8 Trinity::XP::GetZeroDifference (uint8 pl_level)
uint32 Trinity::XP::BaseGain (uint8 pl_level, uint8 mob_level)
uint32 Trinity::XP::Gain (Player *player, Unit *u, bool isBattleGround=false)
float Trinity::XP::xp_in_group_rate (uint32 count, bool isRaid)
uint32 Trinity::Currency::ConquestRatingCalculator (uint32 rate)
uint32 Trinity::Currency::BgConquestRatingCalculator (uint32 rate)