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spell_murmur_sonic_boom_effect::spell_murmur_sonic_boom_effect_SpellScript Class Reference

Private Member Functions

 PrepareSpellScript (spell_murmur_sonic_boom_effect_SpellScript)
void CalcDamage ()
void Register () override

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from SpellScript
bool _Validate (SpellInfo const *entry) override
bool _Load (Spell *spell)
void _InitHit ()
bool _IsEffectPrevented (SpellEffIndex effIndex)
bool _IsDefaultEffectPrevented (SpellEffIndex effIndex)
void _PrepareScriptCall (SpellScriptHookType hookType)
void _FinishScriptCall ()
bool IsInCheckCastHook () const
bool IsInTargetHook () const
bool IsInHitPhase () const
bool IsInEffectHook () const
UnitGetCaster ()
UnitGetOriginalCaster ()
SpellInfo constGetSpellInfo ()
SpellValue constGetSpellValue ()
SpellEffectInfo constGetEffectInfo (SpellEffIndex) const
WorldLocation constGetExplTargetDest ()
void SetExplTargetDest (WorldLocation &loc)
WorldObjectGetExplTargetWorldObject ()
UnitGetExplTargetUnit ()
GameObjectGetExplTargetGObj ()
ItemGetExplTargetItem ()
UnitGetHitUnit ()
CreatureGetHitCreature ()
PlayerGetHitPlayer ()
ItemGetHitItem ()
GameObjectGetHitGObj ()
WorldLocationGetHitDest ()
int32 GetHitDamage ()
void SetHitDamage (int32 damage)
void PreventHitDamage ()
int32 GetHitHeal ()
void SetHitHeal (int32 heal)
void PreventHitHeal ()
SpellGetSpell ()
AuraGetHitAura ()
void PreventHitAura ()
void PreventHitEffect (SpellEffIndex effIndex)
void PreventHitDefaultEffect (SpellEffIndex effIndex)
SpellEffectInfo constGetEffectInfo () const
int32 GetEffectValue () const
void SetEffectValue (int32 value)
ItemGetCastItem ()
void CreateItem (uint32 effIndex, uint32 itemId)
SpellInfo constGetTriggeringSpell ()
void FinishCast (SpellCastResult result)
void SetCustomCastResultMessage (SpellCustomErrors result)
- Public Member Functions inherited from _SpellScript
 _SpellScript ()
virtual ~_SpellScript ()
virtual void _Register ()
virtual void _Unload ()
virtual void _Init (std::string const *scriptname, uint32 spellId)
std::string const_GetScriptName () const
virtual bool Validate (SpellInfo const *)
virtual bool Load ()
virtual void Unload ()
- Public Attributes inherited from SpellScript
HookList< CastHandlerBeforeCast
HookList< CastHandlerOnCast
HookList< CastHandlerAfterCast
HookList< CheckCastHandlerOnCheckCast
HookList< EffectHandlerOnEffectLaunch
HookList< EffectHandlerOnEffectLaunchTarget
HookList< EffectHandlerOnEffectHit
HookList< EffectHandlerOnEffectHitTarget
HookList< EffectHandlerOnEffectSuccessfulDispel
HookList< HitHandlerBeforeHit
HookList< HitHandlerOnHit
HookList< HitHandlerAfterHit
< ObjectAreaTargetSelectHandler
< ObjectTargetSelectHandler
< DestinationTargetSelectHandler
- Protected Attributes inherited from _SpellScript
uint8 m_currentScriptState
std::string constm_scriptName
uint32 m_scriptSpellId

Member Function Documentation

void spell_murmur_sonic_boom_effect::spell_murmur_sonic_boom_effect_SpellScript::CalcDamage ( )
: find correct value
221  {
222  if (Unit* target = GetHitUnit())
223  SetHitDamage(target->CountPctFromMaxHealth(80));
224  }
void SetHitDamage(int32 damage)
Definition: SpellScript.cpp:517
Unit * GetHitUnit()
Definition: SpellScript.cpp:441
Definition: Unit.h:1305

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spell_murmur_sonic_boom_effect::spell_murmur_sonic_boom_effect_SpellScript::PrepareSpellScript ( spell_murmur_sonic_boom_effect_SpellScript  )
void spell_murmur_sonic_boom_effect::spell_murmur_sonic_boom_effect_SpellScript::Register ( )

Implements _SpellScript.

227  {
229  }
HookList< HitHandler > OnHit
Definition: SpellScript.h:302
#define SpellHitFn(F)
Definition: SpellScript.h:306

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