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go_twilight_portal::go_twilight_portalAI Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 go_twilight_portalAI (GameObject *gameobject)
bool GossipHello (Player *player) override
void UpdateAI (uint32) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from GameObjectAI
 GameObjectAI (GameObject *g)
virtual ~GameObjectAI ()
virtual void InitializeAI ()
virtual void Reset ()
virtual void DoAction (int32)
virtual void SetGUID (uint64, int32)
virtual uint64 GetGUID (int32) const
virtual bool GossipSelect (Player *, uint32, uint32)
virtual bool GossipSelectCode (Player *, uint32, uint32, char const *)
virtual bool QuestAccept (Player *, Quest const *)
virtual bool QuestReward (Player *, Quest const *, uint32)
virtual uint32 GetDialogStatus (Player *)
virtual void Destroyed (Player *, uint32)
virtual uint32 GetData (uint32) const
virtual void SetData64 (uint32, uint64)
virtual uint64 GetData64 (uint32) const
virtual void SetData (uint32, uint32)
virtual void OnGameEvent (bool, uint16)
virtual void OnStateChanged (uint32, Unit *)
virtual void EventInform (uint32)

Private Attributes

uint32 _spellId
bool _deleted

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from GameObjectAI
static int Permissible (GameObject const *go)
- Protected Attributes inherited from GameObjectAI
GameObject *const go

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

go_twilight_portal::go_twilight_portalAI::go_twilight_portalAI ( GameObject gameobject)

Because WDB template has non-existent spell ID, not seen in sniffs either, meh

1335  : GameObjectAI(gameobject),
1336  _instance(gameobject->GetInstanceScript()), _deleted(false)
1337  {
1338  switch (gameobject->GetEntry())
1339  {
1341  gameobject->SetPhaseMask(0x20, true);
1342  _spellId = gameobject->GetGOInfo()->goober.spell;
1343  break;
1344  case GO_HALION_PORTAL_1:
1345  case GO_HALION_PORTAL_2:
1346  gameobject->SetPhaseMask(0x1, true);
1349  break;
1350  default:
1351  _spellId = 0;
1352  break;
1353  }
1354  }
Definition: ruby_sanctum.h:105
uint32 _spellId
Definition: boss_halion.cpp:1377
virtual void SetPhaseMask(uint32 newPhaseMask, bool update)
Definition: Object.cpp:2795
InstanceScript * GetInstanceScript()
Definition: Object.cpp:1540
Definition: boss_halion.cpp:109
GameObjectAI(GameObject *g)
Definition: GameObjectAI.h:34
GameObjectTemplate const * GetGOInfo() const
Definition: GameObject.h:894
struct GameObjectTemplate::@221::@233 goober
InstanceScript * _instance
Definition: boss_halion.cpp:1376
uint32 GetEntry() const
Definition: Object.h:107
bool _deleted
Definition: boss_halion.cpp:1378
Definition: ruby_sanctum.h:106
Definition: ruby_sanctum.h:104

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Member Function Documentation

bool go_twilight_portal::go_twilight_portalAI::GossipHello ( Player player)

Reimplemented from GameObjectAI.

1357  {
1358  if (_spellId != 0)
1359  player->CastSpell(player, _spellId, true);
1360  return true;
1361  }
uint32 _spellId
Definition: boss_halion.cpp:1377
void go_twilight_portal::go_twilight_portalAI::UpdateAI ( uint32  )

Reimplemented from GameObjectAI.

1364  {
1366  return;
1368  if (!_deleted)
1369  {
1370  _deleted = true;
1371  go->Delete();
1372  }
1373  }
Definition: InstanceScript.h:59
Definition: ruby_sanctum.h:34
InstanceScript * _instance
Definition: boss_halion.cpp:1376
bool _deleted
Definition: boss_halion.cpp:1378
GameObject *const go
Definition: GameObjectAI.h:32
EncounterState GetBossState(uint32 id) const
Definition: InstanceScript.h:227
void Delete()
Definition: GameObject.cpp:726

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Member Data Documentation

bool go_twilight_portal::go_twilight_portalAI::_deleted
InstanceScript* go_twilight_portal::go_twilight_portalAI::_instance
uint32 go_twilight_portal::go_twilight_portalAI::_spellId

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