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Trinity::ObjectDistanceOrderPred Class Reference

#include <Object.h>

Public Member Functions

 ObjectDistanceOrderPred (WorldObject const *refObj, bool ascending=true)
bool operator() (WorldObject const *left, WorldObject const *right) const

Private Attributes

WorldObject const_refObj
bool _ascending

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Trinity::ObjectDistanceOrderPred::ObjectDistanceOrderPred ( WorldObject const refObj,
bool  ascending = true 
671 : _refObj(refObj), _ascending(ascending) { }
bool _ascending
Definition: Object.h:680
WorldObject const * _refObj
Definition: Object.h:679

Member Function Documentation

bool Trinity::ObjectDistanceOrderPred::operator() ( WorldObject const left,
WorldObject const right 
) const
674  {
675  return _refObj->GetDistanceOrder(left, right) == _ascending;
676  }
bool GetDistanceOrder(WorldObject const *obj1, WorldObject const *obj2, bool is3D=true) const
Definition: Object.cpp:1680
bool left(const int *a, const int *b, const int *c)
Definition: RecastContour.cpp:487
bool _ascending
Definition: Object.h:680
WorldObject const * _refObj
Definition: Object.h:679

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Member Data Documentation

bool Trinity::ObjectDistanceOrderPred::_ascending
WorldObject const* Trinity::ObjectDistanceOrderPred::_refObj

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