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VisibleAchievementCheck Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

AchievementEntry constoperator() (CompletedAchievementMap::value_type const &val)

Member Function Documentation

AchievementEntry const* VisibleAchievementCheck::operator() ( CompletedAchievementMap::value_type const val)
1856  {
1857  AchievementEntry const* achievement = sAchievementMgr->GetAchievement(val.first);
1858  if (achievement && !(achievement->Flags & ACHIEVEMENT_FLAG_HIDDEN))
1859  return achievement;
1860  return nullptr;
1861  }
uint32 Flags
Definition: DB2Structure.h:38
Definition: DB2Structure.h:27
Definition: DBCEnums.h:84
#define sAchievementMgr
Definition: AchievementMgr.h:501

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