CalcDamageInfo Struct Reference

#include <Unit.h>

Public Attributes

uint32 DamageSchoolMask
uint32 Damage
uint32 OriginalDamage
uint32 Absorb
uint32 Resist
uint32 Blocked
uint32 HitInfo
uint32 TargetState
WeaponAttackType AttackType
uint32 ProcAttacker
uint32 ProcVictim
uint32 CleanDamage
MeleeHitOutcome HitOutCome

Member Data Documentation

◆ Absorb

uint32 CalcDamageInfo::Absorb

◆ Attacker

Unit* CalcDamageInfo::Attacker

◆ AttackType

WeaponAttackType CalcDamageInfo::AttackType

◆ Blocked

uint32 CalcDamageInfo::Blocked

◆ CleanDamage

uint32 CalcDamageInfo::CleanDamage

◆ Damage

uint32 CalcDamageInfo::Damage

◆ DamageSchoolMask

uint32 CalcDamageInfo::DamageSchoolMask

◆ HitInfo

uint32 CalcDamageInfo::HitInfo

◆ HitOutCome

MeleeHitOutcome CalcDamageInfo::HitOutCome

◆ OriginalDamage

uint32 CalcDamageInfo::OriginalDamage

◆ ProcAttacker

uint32 CalcDamageInfo::ProcAttacker

◆ ProcVictim

uint32 CalcDamageInfo::ProcVictim

◆ Resist

uint32 CalcDamageInfo::Resist

◆ Target

Unit* CalcDamageInfo::Target

◆ TargetState

uint32 CalcDamageInfo::TargetState

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