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tomcrypt_cipher.h File Reference
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union  Symmetric_key
struct  ltc_cipher_descriptor


typedef union Symmetric_key symmetric_key


int find_cipher (const char *name)
int find_cipher_any (const char *name, int blocklen, int keylen)
int find_cipher_id (unsigned char ID)
int register_cipher (const struct ltc_cipher_descriptor *cipher)
int unregister_cipher (const struct ltc_cipher_descriptor *cipher)
int cipher_is_valid (int idx)


struct ltc_cipher_descriptor cipher_descriptor []

Typedef Documentation

Function Documentation

int cipher_is_valid ( int  idx)
int find_cipher ( const char *  name)
int find_cipher_any ( const char *  name,
int  blocklen,
int  keylen 
int find_cipher_id ( unsigned char  ID)
int register_cipher ( const struct ltc_cipher_descriptor cipher)
int unregister_cipher ( const struct ltc_cipher_descriptor cipher)

Variable Documentation

struct ltc_cipher_descriptor cipher_descriptor[]