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lfg::LfgQueueStatusData Struct Reference

#include <LFGMgr.h>

Public Member Functions

 LfgQueueStatusData (uint8 _queueId=0, uint32 _dungeonId=0, time_t _joinTime=0, int32 _waitTime=-1, int32 _waitTimeAvg=-1, int32 _waitTimeTank=-1, int32 _waitTimeHealer=-1, int32 _waitTimeDps=-1, uint32 _queuedTime=0, uint8 _tanks=0, uint8 _healers=0, uint8 _dps=0)

Public Attributes

uint8 queueId
uint32 dungeonId
time_t joinTime
int32 waitTime
int32 waitTimeAvg
int32 waitTimeTank
int32 waitTimeHealer
int32 waitTimeDps
uint32 queuedTime
uint8 tanks
uint8 healers
uint8 dps

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

lfg::LfgQueueStatusData::LfgQueueStatusData ( uint8  _queueId = 0,
uint32  _dungeonId = 0,
time_t  _joinTime = 0,
int32  _waitTime = -1,
int32  _waitTimeAvg = -1,
int32  _waitTimeTank = -1,
int32  _waitTimeHealer = -1,
int32  _waitTimeDps = -1,
uint32  _queuedTime = 0,
uint8  _tanks = 0,
uint8  _healers = 0,
uint8  _dps = 0 
179  :
180  queueId(_queueId), dungeonId(_dungeonId), joinTime(_joinTime), waitTime(_waitTime), waitTimeAvg(_waitTimeAvg), waitTimeTank(_waitTimeTank),
181  waitTimeHealer(_waitTimeHealer), waitTimeDps(_waitTimeDps), queuedTime(_queuedTime), tanks(_tanks), healers(_healers), dps(_dps) { }
uint8 dps
Definition: LFGMgr.h:194
uint32 queuedTime
Definition: LFGMgr.h:191
int32 waitTime
Definition: LFGMgr.h:186
int32 waitTimeAvg
Definition: LFGMgr.h:187
uint8 queueId
Definition: LFGMgr.h:183
uint32 dungeonId
Definition: LFGMgr.h:184
uint8 healers
Definition: LFGMgr.h:193
time_t joinTime
Definition: LFGMgr.h:185
int32 waitTimeTank
Definition: LFGMgr.h:188
int32 waitTimeHealer
Definition: LFGMgr.h:189
uint8 tanks
Definition: LFGMgr.h:192
int32 waitTimeDps
Definition: LFGMgr.h:190

Member Data Documentation

uint8 lfg::LfgQueueStatusData::dps
uint32 lfg::LfgQueueStatusData::dungeonId
uint8 lfg::LfgQueueStatusData::healers
time_t lfg::LfgQueueStatusData::joinTime
uint32 lfg::LfgQueueStatusData::queuedTime
uint8 lfg::LfgQueueStatusData::queueId
uint8 lfg::LfgQueueStatusData::tanks
int32 lfg::LfgQueueStatusData::waitTime
int32 lfg::LfgQueueStatusData::waitTimeAvg
int32 lfg::LfgQueueStatusData::waitTimeDps
int32 lfg::LfgQueueStatusData::waitTimeHealer
int32 lfg::LfgQueueStatusData::waitTimeTank

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