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VMAP::ModelPosition Class Reference

#include <TileAssembler.h>

Public Member Functions

 ModelPosition ()
void init ()
G3D::Vector3 transform (const G3D::Vector3 &pIn) const
void moveToBasePos (const G3D::Vector3 &pBasePos)

Public Attributes

G3D::Vector3 iPos
G3D::Vector3 iDir
float iScale

Private Attributes

G3D::Matrix3 iRotation

Detailed Description

This Class is used to convert raw vector data into balanced BSP-Trees. To start the conversion call convertWorld().

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

VMAP::ModelPosition::ModelPosition ( )
43 : iScale(0.0f) { }
float iScale
Definition: TileAssembler.h:46

Member Function Documentation

void VMAP::ModelPosition::init ( )
48  {
50  }
float x
Definition: Vector3.h:62
G3D::Vector3 iDir
Definition: TileAssembler.h:45
G3D::Matrix3 iRotation
Definition: TileAssembler.h:41
float y
Definition: Vector3.h:62
float z
Definition: Vector3.h:62
float pif()
Definition: g3dmath.h:151
static Matrix3 fromEulerAnglesZYX(float fYAngle, float fPAngle, float fRAngle)
Definition: Matrix3.cpp:1664

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+ Here is the caller graph for this function:

void VMAP::ModelPosition::moveToBasePos ( const G3D::Vector3 pBasePos)
52 { iPos -= pBasePos; }
G3D::Vector3 iPos
Definition: TileAssembler.h:44
Vector3 VMAP::ModelPosition::transform ( const G3D::Vector3 pIn) const
47  {
48  Vector3 out = pIn * iScale;
49  out = iRotation * out;
50  return(out);
51  }
G3D::Matrix3 iRotation
Definition: TileAssembler.h:41
Definition: Vector3.h:58
float iScale
Definition: TileAssembler.h:46

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Member Data Documentation

G3D::Vector3 VMAP::ModelPosition::iDir
G3D::Vector3 VMAP::ModelPosition::iPos
G3D::Matrix3 VMAP::ModelPosition::iRotation
float VMAP::ModelPosition::iScale

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