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HashTrait.h File Reference
#include "G3D/platform.h"
#include "G3D/Crypto.h"
#include "G3D/g3dmath.h"
#include "G3D/uint128.h"
#include <typeinfo>
#include <stdint.h>
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struct  HashTrait< T >
struct  HashTrait< T * >
struct  HashTrait< std::type_info *const >
struct  HashTrait< G3D::int16 >
struct  HashTrait< G3D::uint16 >
struct  HashTrait< G3D::int32 >
struct  HashTrait< G3D::uint32 >
struct  HashTrait< G3D::uint64 >
struct  HashTrait< G3D::int64 >
struct  HashTrait< std::string >
struct  HashTrait< G3D::uint128 >




#define get16bits(d)


uint32_t G3D::superFastHash (const void *_data, size_t numBytes)
 A hash function that is faster than CRC32 for arbitrary long strings [From] by Paul Hsieh. More...
uint32_t G3D::wangHash6432Shift (int64 key)

Detailed Description

Morgan McGuire, 2008-10-01 2011-06-09

Copyright 2000-2012, Morgan McGuire. All rights reserved.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define get16bits (   d)
((((uint32_t)(((const uint8_t *)(d))[1])) << 8)\
+(uint32_t)(((const uint8_t *)(d))[0]) )
unsigned int uint32_t
Definition: stdint.h:80
unsigned char uint8_t
Definition: stdint.h:78