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lfg::LfgProposal Struct Reference

Stores group data related to proposal to join. More...

#include <LFGMgr.h>

Public Member Functions

 LfgProposal (uint32 dungeon=0)

Public Attributes

uint32 id
 Proposal Id. More...
uint32 dungeonId
 Dungeon to join. More...
LfgProposalState state
 State of the proposal. More...
ObjectGuid group
 Proposal group (0 if new) More...
ObjectGuid leader
 Leader guid. More...
time_t cancelTime
 Time when we will cancel this proposal. More...
uint32 encounters
 Dungeon Encounters. More...
bool isNew
 Determines if it's new group or not. More...
GuidList queues
 Queue Ids to remove/readd. More...
GuidList showorder
 Show order in update window. More...
LfgProposalPlayerContainer players
 Players data. More...

Detailed Description

Stores group data related to proposal to join.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

lfg::LfgProposal::LfgProposal ( uint32  dungeon = 0)
230  : id(0), dungeonId(dungeon), state(LFG_PROPOSAL_INITIATING),
231  group(), leader(), cancelTime(0), encounters(0), isNew(true)
232  { }
ObjectGuid group
Proposal group (0 if new)
Definition: LFGMgr.h:237
bool isNew
Determines if it's new group or not.
Definition: LFGMgr.h:241
uint32 id
Proposal Id.
Definition: LFGMgr.h:234
ObjectGuid leader
Leader guid.
Definition: LFGMgr.h:238
uint32 dungeonId
Dungeon to join.
Definition: LFGMgr.h:235
LfgProposalState state
State of the proposal.
Definition: LFGMgr.h:236
time_t cancelTime
Time when we will cancel this proposal.
Definition: LFGMgr.h:239
uint32 encounters
Dungeon Encounters.
Definition: LFGMgr.h:240
Definition: LFGMgr.h:74

Member Data Documentation

time_t lfg::LfgProposal::cancelTime

Time when we will cancel this proposal.

uint32 lfg::LfgProposal::dungeonId

Dungeon to join.

uint32 lfg::LfgProposal::encounters

Dungeon Encounters.

ObjectGuid lfg::LfgProposal::group

Proposal group (0 if new)

uint32 lfg::LfgProposal::id

Proposal Id.

bool lfg::LfgProposal::isNew

Determines if it's new group or not.

ObjectGuid lfg::LfgProposal::leader

Leader guid.

LfgProposalPlayerContainer lfg::LfgProposal::players

Players data.

GuidList lfg::LfgProposal::queues

Queue Ids to remove/readd.

GuidList lfg::LfgProposal::showorder

Show order in update window.

LfgProposalState lfg::LfgProposal::state

State of the proposal.

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