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lfg::LfgPlayerRewardData Struct Reference

#include <LFGMgr.h>

Public Member Functions

 LfgPlayerRewardData (uint32 random, uint32 current, bool _done, Quest const *_quest)

Public Attributes

uint32 rdungeonEntry
uint32 sdungeonEntry
bool done
Quest constquest

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

lfg::LfgPlayerRewardData::LfgPlayerRewardData ( uint32  random,
uint32  current,
bool  _done,
Quest const _quest 
199  :
200  rdungeonEntry(random), sdungeonEntry(current), done(_done), quest(_quest) { }
Quest const * quest
Definition: LFGMgr.h:204
bool done
Definition: LFGMgr.h:203
uint32 rdungeonEntry
Definition: LFGMgr.h:201
uint32 sdungeonEntry
Definition: LFGMgr.h:202

Member Data Documentation

bool lfg::LfgPlayerRewardData::done
Quest const* lfg::LfgPlayerRewardData::quest
uint32 lfg::LfgPlayerRewardData::rdungeonEntry
uint32 lfg::LfgPlayerRewardData::sdungeonEntry

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