ChrSpecializationEntry Struct Reference

#include <DB2Structure.h>

Public Member Functions

bool IsPetSpecialization () const

Public Attributes

LocalizedString Name
LocalizedString FemaleName
LocalizedString Description
uint32 ID
int8 ClassID
int8 OrderIndex
int8 PetTalentType
int8 Role
uint32 Flags
int32 SpellIconFileID
int8 PrimaryStatPriority
int32 AnimReplacements
std::array< int32, MAX_MASTERY_SPELLSMasterySpellID

Member Function Documentation

◆ IsPetSpecialization()

bool ChrSpecializationEntry::IsPetSpecialization ( ) const
826  {
827  return ClassID == 0;
828  }
int8 ClassID
Definition: DB2Structure.h:815
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Member Data Documentation

◆ AnimReplacements

int32 ChrSpecializationEntry::AnimReplacements

◆ ClassID

int8 ChrSpecializationEntry::ClassID

◆ Description

LocalizedString ChrSpecializationEntry::Description

◆ FemaleName

LocalizedString ChrSpecializationEntry::FemaleName

◆ Flags

uint32 ChrSpecializationEntry::Flags

◆ ID

uint32 ChrSpecializationEntry::ID

◆ MasterySpellID

std::array<int32, MAX_MASTERY_SPELLS> ChrSpecializationEntry::MasterySpellID

◆ Name

LocalizedString ChrSpecializationEntry::Name

◆ OrderIndex

int8 ChrSpecializationEntry::OrderIndex

◆ PetTalentType

int8 ChrSpecializationEntry::PetTalentType

◆ PrimaryStatPriority

int8 ChrSpecializationEntry::PrimaryStatPriority

◆ Role

int8 ChrSpecializationEntry::Role

◆ SpellIconFileID

int32 ChrSpecializationEntry::SpellIconFileID

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