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fmt::internal::CharTraits< char > Class Template Reference

#include <format.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static char convert (char value)
template<typename T >
static FMT_API int format_float (char *buffer, std::size_t size, const char *format, unsigned width, int precision, T value)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from fmt::internal::BasicCharTraits< char >
static char cast (int value)

Static Private Member Functions

static char convert (wchar_t)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from fmt::internal::BasicCharTraits< char >
typedef char * CharPtr

Member Function Documentation

static char fmt::internal::CharTraits< char >::convert ( wchar_t  )
static char fmt::internal::CharTraits< char >::convert ( char  value)
766 { return value; }
const FieldDescriptor value
Definition: descriptor.h:1522
template<typename T >
static FMT_API int fmt::internal::CharTraits< char >::format_float ( char *  buffer,
std::size_t  size,
const char *  format,
unsigned  width,
int  precision,

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