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G3D::FileSystem::ListSettings Class Reference

#include <FileSystem.h>

Public Member Functions

 ListSettings ()

Public Attributes

bool files
bool directories
bool caseSensitive
bool recursive
bool includeParentPath

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

G3D::FileSystem::ListSettings::ListSettings ( )
66  :
67  files(true),
68  directories(true),
69 # ifdef G3D_WINDOWS
70  caseSensitive(true),
71 # else
72  caseSensitive(false),
73 # endif
74  recursive(false),
75  includeParentPath(true) {}
bool includeParentPath
Definition: FileSystem.h:64
bool recursive
Definition: FileSystem.h:61
bool directories
Definition: FileSystem.h:55
bool caseSensitive
Definition: FileSystem.h:58
bool files
Definition: FileSystem.h:52

Member Data Documentation

bool G3D::FileSystem::ListSettings::caseSensitive

Defaults to true on Windows, false on other platforms.

bool G3D::FileSystem::ListSettings::directories

Defaults to true

bool G3D::FileSystem::ListSettings::files

Defaults to true

bool G3D::FileSystem::ListSettings::includeParentPath

Prefix the full path onto names that are returned. Defaults to true

bool G3D::FileSystem::ListSettings::recursive

Can get recurse into subdirectories? Defaults to true.

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