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Vector2int16.h File Reference
#include "G3D/platform.h"
#include "G3D/g3dmath.h"
#include "G3D/HashTrait.h"
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struct  HashTrait< G3D::Vector2int16 >




typedef Vector2int16 G3D::Point2int16


bool G3D::operator> (const Vector2int16 &) const
bool G3D::operator<= (const Vector2int16 &) const
bool G3D::operator>= (const Vector2int16 &) const
 G3D::Vector2int16 ()
 G3D::Vector2int16 (G3D::int16 _x, G3D::int16 _y)
 G3D::Vector2int16 (const class Vector2 &v)
 G3D::Vector2int16 (class BinaryInput &bi)
 G3D::Vector2int16 (const class Any &a)
 G3D::Vector2int16 (const class Vector2int32 &v)
class Any G3D::toAny () const
Vector2int16G3D::operator= (const Any &a)
G3D::int16G3D::operator[] (int i)
Vector2int16 G3D::operator+ (const Vector2int16 &other) const
Vector2int16 G3D::operator- (const Vector2int16 &other) const
Vector2int16 G3D::operator* (const Vector2int16 &other) const
Vector2int16 G3D::operator- () const
unorm16 G3D::operator* (const int i) const
Vector2int16G3D::operator+= (const Vector2int16 &other)
bool G3D::isZero () const
unorm16 G3D::operator>> (const int i) const
unorm16 G3D::operator<< (const int i) const
Vector2int16G3D::operator-= (const Vector2int16 &other)
Vector2int16G3D::operator*= (const Vector2int16 &other)
Vector2int16 G3D::clamp (const Vector2int16 &lo, const Vector2int16 &hi)
bool G3D::operator== (const Vector2int16 &rkVector) const
bool G3D::operator!= (const Vector2int16 &rkVector) const
Vector2int16 G3D::max (const Vector2int16 &v) const
Vector2int16 G3D::min (const Vector2int16 &v) const
void G3D::serialize (class BinaryOutput &bo) const
void G3D::deserialize (class BinaryInput &bi)


G3D::int16 G3D::x
G3D::int16 G3D::y

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