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boss_cyanigosa::boss_cyanigosaAI Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 boss_cyanigosaAI (Creature *creature)
void EnterCombat (Unit *who) override
void KilledUnit (Unit *victim) override
void JustDied (Unit *killer) override
void MoveInLineOfSight (Unit *) override
void UpdateAI (uint32 diff) override
void ScheduleTasks () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from BossAI
 BossAI (Creature *creature, uint32 bossId)
virtual ~BossAI ()
void JustSummoned (Creature *summon) override
void SummonedCreatureDespawn (Creature *summon) override
virtual void ExecuteEvent (uint32)
void Reset () override
void JustReachedHome () override
bool CanAIAttack (Unit const *target) const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from ScriptedAI
 ScriptedAI (Creature *creature)
virtual ~ScriptedAI ()
void AttackStartNoMove (Unit *target)
void DamageTaken (Unit *, uint32 &) override
void SpellHit (Unit *, SpellInfo const *) override
void SpellHitTarget (Unit *, SpellInfo const *) override
void OnPossess (bool)
void AttackStart (Unit *) override
void DoStartMovement (Unit *target, float distance=0.0f, float angle=0.0f)
void DoStartNoMovement (Unit *target)
void DoStopAttack ()
void DoCastSpell (Unit *target, SpellInfo const *spellInfo, bool triggered=false)
void DoPlaySoundToSet (WorldObject *source, uint32 soundId)
void DoResetThreat ()
float DoGetThreat (Unit *unit)
void DoModifyThreatPercent (Unit *unit, int32 pct)
void DoTeleportTo (float x, float y, float z, uint32 time=0)
void DoTeleportTo (float const pos[4])
void DoTeleportPlayer (Unit *unit, float x, float y, float z, float o)
void DoTeleportAll (float x, float y, float z, float o)
UnitDoSelectLowestHpFriendly (float range, uint32 minHPDiff=1)
std::list< Creature * > DoFindFriendlyCC (float range)
std::list< Creature * > DoFindFriendlyMissingBuff (float range, uint32 spellId)
PlayerGetPlayerAtMinimumRange (float minRange)
CreatureDoSpawnCreature (uint32 entry, float offsetX, float offsetY, float offsetZ, float angle, uint32 type, uint32 despawntime)
bool HealthBelowPct (uint32 pct) const
bool HealthAbovePct (uint32 pct) const
SpellInfo constSelectSpell (Unit *target, uint32 school, uint32 mechanic, SelectTargetType targets, float rangeMin, float rangeMax, SelectEffect effect)
void SetEquipmentSlots (bool loadDefault, int32 mainHand=EQUIP_NO_CHANGE, int32 offHand=EQUIP_NO_CHANGE, int32 ranged=EQUIP_NO_CHANGE)
void SetCombatMovement (bool allowMovement)
bool IsCombatMovementAllowed () const
bool IsHeroic () const
Difficulty GetDifficulty () const
bool Is25ManRaid () const
template<class T >
const T & DUNGEON_MODE (const T &normal5, const T &heroic10) const
template<class T >
const T & RAID_MODE (const T &normal10, const T &normal25) const
template<class T >
const T & RAID_MODE (const T &normal10, const T &normal25, const T &heroic10, const T &heroic25) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from CreatureAI
void Talk (uint8 id, WorldObject const *whisperTarget=nullptr)
 CreatureAI (Creature *creature)
virtual ~CreatureAI ()
void MoveInLineOfSight_Safe (Unit *who)
 == Reactions At ================================= More...
void TriggerAlert (Unit const *who) const
virtual bool CanRespawn ()
virtual void EnterEvadeMode (EvadeReason why=EVADE_REASON_OTHER)
virtual void IsSummonedBy (Unit *)
virtual void SummonedCreatureDies (Creature *, Unit *)
virtual void AttackedBy (Unit *)
virtual bool IsEscorted () const
virtual void JustRespawned ()
virtual void MovementInform (uint32, uint32)
void OnCharmed (bool apply) override
void DoZoneInCombat (Creature *creature=NULL, float maxRangeToNearestTarget=50.0f)
virtual void ReceiveEmote (Player *, uint32)
virtual void OwnerAttackedBy (Unit *)
virtual void OwnerAttacked (Unit *)
virtual void CorpseRemoved (uint32 &)
 == Triggered Actions Requested ================== More...
virtual void PassengerBoarded (Unit *, int8, bool)
 == Fields ======================================= More...
virtual void OnSpellClick (Unit *, bool &)
virtual bool CanSeeAlways (WorldObject const *)
int32 VisualizeBoundary (uint32 duration, Unit *owner=nullptr, bool fill=false) const
virtual bool CheckInRoom ()
CreatureBoundary constGetBoundary () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from UnitAI
 UnitAI (Unit *unit)
virtual ~UnitAI ()
virtual void InitializeAI ()
virtual void DoAction (int32)
virtual uint32 GetData (uint32) const
virtual void SetData (uint32, uint32)
virtual void SetGUID (ObjectGuid, int32=0)
virtual ObjectGuid GetGUID (int32=0) const
UnitSelectTarget (SelectAggroTarget targetType, uint32 position=0, float dist=0.0f, bool playerOnly=false, int32 aura=0)
template<class PREDICATE >
UnitSelectTarget (SelectAggroTarget targetType, uint32 position, PREDICATE const &predicate)
void SelectTargetList (std::list< Unit * > &targetList, uint32 num, SelectAggroTarget targetType, float dist=0.0f, bool playerOnly=false, int32 aura=0)
template<class PREDICATE >
void SelectTargetList (std::list< Unit * > &targetList, PREDICATE const &predicate, uint32 maxTargets, SelectAggroTarget targetType)
virtual void DamageDealt (Unit *, uint32 &, DamageEffectType)
virtual void HealReceived (Unit *, uint32 &)
virtual void HealDone (Unit *, uint32 &)
virtual void SpellInterrupted (uint32, uint32)
void AttackStartCaster (Unit *victim, float dist)
void DoCast (uint32 spellId)
void DoCast (Unit *victim, uint32 spellId, bool triggered=false)
void DoCastVictim (uint32 spellId, bool triggered=false)
void DoCastAOE (uint32 spellId, bool triggered=false)
void DoMeleeAttackIfReady ()
bool DoSpellAttackIfReady (uint32 spellId)
virtual void sGossipHello (Player *)
virtual void sGossipSelect (Player *, uint32, uint32)
virtual void sGossipSelectCode (Player *, uint32, uint32, char const *)
virtual void sQuestAccept (Player *, Quest const *)
virtual void sQuestSelect (Player *, Quest const *)
virtual void sQuestReward (Player *, Quest const *, uint32)
virtual bool sOnDummyEffect (Unit *, uint32, SpellEffIndex)
virtual void sOnGameEvent (bool, uint16)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from CreatureAI
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from UnitAI
static void FillAISpellInfo ()
- Public Attributes inherited from BossAI
InstanceScript *const instance
- Public Attributes inherited from ScriptedAI
bool IsFleeing
- Static Public Attributes inherited from UnitAI
static AISpellInfoTypeAISpellInfo
- Protected Member Functions inherited from BossAI
void _Reset ()
void _EnterCombat ()
void _JustDied ()
void _JustReachedHome ()
void _DespawnAtEvade ()
void TeleportCheaters ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CreatureAI
bool UpdateVictim ()
bool UpdateVictimWithGaze ()
void SetGazeOn (Unit *target)
CreatureDoSummon (uint32 entry, Position const &pos, uint32 despawnTime=30000, TempSummonType summonType=TEMPSUMMON_CORPSE_TIMED_DESPAWN)
CreatureDoSummon (uint32 entry, WorldObject *obj, float radius=5.0f, uint32 despawnTime=30000, TempSummonType summonType=TEMPSUMMON_CORPSE_TIMED_DESPAWN)
CreatureDoSummonFlyer (uint32 entry, WorldObject *obj, float flightZ, float radius=5.0f, uint32 despawnTime=30000, TempSummonType summonType=TEMPSUMMON_CORPSE_TIMED_DESPAWN)
bool CheckBoundary (Position const *who=nullptr) const
void SetBoundary (CreatureBoundary const *boundary)
bool _EnterEvadeMode (EvadeReason why=EVADE_REASON_OTHER)
- Protected Attributes inherited from BossAI
EventMap events
SummonList summons
TaskScheduler scheduler
- Protected Attributes inherited from CreatureAI
Creature *const me
CreatureBoundary const_boundary
- Protected Attributes inherited from UnitAI
Unit *const me

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

boss_cyanigosa::boss_cyanigosaAI::boss_cyanigosaAI ( Creature creature)
52 : BossAI(creature, DATA_CYANIGOSA) { }
Definition: violet_hold.h:48
BossAI(Creature *creature, uint32 bossId)
Definition: ScriptedCreature.cpp:444

Member Function Documentation

void boss_cyanigosa::boss_cyanigosaAI::EnterCombat ( Unit who)

Reimplemented from BossAI.

55  {
57  Talk(SAY_AGGRO);
58  }
Definition: boss_cyanigosa.cpp:36
void EnterCombat(Unit *) override
Definition: ScriptedCreature.h:356
void Talk(uint8 id, WorldObject const *whisperTarget=nullptr)
Definition: CreatureAI.cpp:42

+ Here is the call graph for this function:

void boss_cyanigosa::boss_cyanigosaAI::JustDied ( Unit killer)

Reimplemented from BossAI.

67  {
68  BossAI::JustDied(killer);
69  Talk(SAY_DEATH);
70  }
Definition: boss_cyanigosa.cpp:38
void Talk(uint8 id, WorldObject const *whisperTarget=nullptr)
Definition: CreatureAI.cpp:42
void JustDied(Unit *) override
Definition: ScriptedCreature.h:357

+ Here is the call graph for this function:

void boss_cyanigosa::boss_cyanigosaAI::KilledUnit ( Unit victim)

Reimplemented from ScriptedAI.

61  {
62  if (victim->GetTypeId() == TYPEID_PLAYER)
63  Talk(SAY_SLAY);
64  }
TypeID GetTypeId() const
Definition: Object.h:113
Definition: boss_cyanigosa.cpp:37
void Talk(uint8 id, WorldObject const *whisperTarget=nullptr)
Definition: CreatureAI.cpp:42
Definition: ObjectGuid.h:33

+ Here is the call graph for this function:

void boss_cyanigosa::boss_cyanigosaAI::MoveInLineOfSight ( Unit )

Reimplemented from CreatureAI.

72 { }
void boss_cyanigosa::boss_cyanigosaAI::ScheduleTasks ( )

Reimplemented from BossAI.

84  {
85  scheduler.Schedule(Seconds(10), [this](TaskContext task)
86  {
88  task.Repeat();
89  });
91  scheduler.Schedule(Seconds(15), [this](TaskContext task)
92  {
93  if (Unit* target = SelectTarget(SELECT_TARGET_RANDOM, 0, 45.0f, true))
94  DoCast(target, SPELL_BLIZZARD);
95  task.Repeat();
96  });
98  scheduler.Schedule(Seconds(20), [this](TaskContext task)
99  {
101  task.Repeat();
102  });
104  scheduler.Schedule(Seconds(25), [this](TaskContext task)
105  {
107  task.Repeat();
108  });
110  if (IsHeroic())
111  {
112  scheduler.Schedule(Seconds(30), [this](TaskContext task)
113  {
114  if (Unit* target = SelectTarget(SELECT_TARGET_RANDOM, 0, 50.0f, true))
116  task.Repeat();
117  });
118  }
119  }
void DoCastAOE(uint32 spellId, bool triggered=false)
Definition: UnitAI.cpp:167
Definition: boss_cyanigosa.cpp:26
Definition: boss_cyanigosa.cpp:28
bool IsHeroic() const
Definition: ScriptedCreature.h:268
TaskScheduler scheduler
Definition: ScriptedCreature.h:373
std::chrono::seconds Seconds
Seconds shorthand typedef.
Definition: Duration.h:27
Definition: boss_cyanigosa.cpp:27
TaskContext & Repeat(std::chrono::duration< _Rep, _Period > const &duration)
Definition: TaskScheduler.h:482
Definition: UnitAI.h:35
Unit * SelectTarget(SelectAggroTarget targetType, uint32 position=0, float dist=0.0f, bool playerOnly=false, int32 aura=0)
Definition: UnitAI.cpp:91
Definition: boss_cyanigosa.cpp:30
void DoCast(uint32 spellId)
Definition: UnitAI.cpp:101
Definition: boss_cyanigosa.cpp:29
TaskScheduler & Schedule(std::chrono::duration< _Rep, _Period > const &time, task_handler_t const &task)
Definition: TaskScheduler.h:232
void DoCastVictim(uint32 spellId, bool triggered=false)
Definition: UnitAI.cpp:159
Definition: Unit.h:1305
Definition: TaskScheduler.h:411

+ Here is the call graph for this function:

void boss_cyanigosa::boss_cyanigosaAI::UpdateAI ( uint32  diff)

Reimplemented from BossAI.

75  {
76  if (!UpdateVictim())
77  return;
79  scheduler.Update(diff,
80  std::bind(&BossAI::DoMeleeAttackIfReady, this));
81  }
bool UpdateVictim()
Definition: CreatureAI.cpp:233
TaskScheduler scheduler
Definition: ScriptedCreature.h:373
TaskScheduler & Update(success_t const &callback=EmptyCallback)
Definition: TaskScheduler.cpp:26
void DoMeleeAttackIfReady()
Definition: UnitAI.cpp:49

+ Here is the call graph for this function:

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