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CreatureData Struct Reference

#include <Creature.h>

Public Member Functions

 CreatureData ()

Public Attributes

uint32 id
uint16 mapid
uint32 phaseMask
uint32 displayid
int8 equipmentId
float posX
float posY
float posZ
float orientation
uint32 spawntimesecs
float spawndist
uint32 currentwaypoint
uint32 curhealth
uint32 curmana
uint8 movementType
uint32 spawnMask
uint64 npcflag
uint32 unit_flags
uint32 dynamicflags
uint32 phaseid
uint32 phaseGroup
bool dbData

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CreatureData::CreatureData ( )
289  : id(0), mapid(0), phaseMask(0), displayid(0), equipmentId(0),
290  posX(0.0f), posY(0.0f), posZ(0.0f), orientation(0.0f), spawntimesecs(0),
292  spawnMask(0), npcflag(0), unit_flags(0), dynamicflags(0), phaseid(0), phaseGroup(0), dbData(true) { }
uint32 phaseid
Definition: Creature.h:312
uint8 movementType
Definition: Creature.h:307
uint32 id
Definition: Creature.h:293
uint32 displayid
Definition: Creature.h:296
uint32 curhealth
Definition: Creature.h:305
uint32 curmana
Definition: Creature.h:306
float spawndist
Definition: Creature.h:303
bool dbData
Definition: Creature.h:314
float posX
Definition: Creature.h:298
uint32 phaseGroup
Definition: Creature.h:313
uint32 spawntimesecs
Definition: Creature.h:302
float posY
Definition: Creature.h:299
int8 equipmentId
Definition: Creature.h:297
uint32 dynamicflags
Definition: Creature.h:311
uint32 spawnMask
Definition: Creature.h:308
uint32 unit_flags
Definition: Creature.h:310
uint32 currentwaypoint
Definition: Creature.h:304
float orientation
Definition: Creature.h:301
uint16 mapid
Definition: Creature.h:294
uint32 phaseMask
Definition: Creature.h:295
uint64 npcflag
Definition: Creature.h:309
float posZ
Definition: Creature.h:300

Member Data Documentation

uint32 CreatureData::curhealth
uint32 CreatureData::curmana
uint32 CreatureData::currentwaypoint
bool CreatureData::dbData
uint32 CreatureData::displayid
uint32 CreatureData::dynamicflags
int8 CreatureData::equipmentId
uint32 CreatureData::id
uint16 CreatureData::mapid
uint8 CreatureData::movementType
uint64 CreatureData::npcflag
float CreatureData::orientation
uint32 CreatureData::phaseGroup
uint32 CreatureData::phaseid
uint32 CreatureData::phaseMask
float CreatureData::posX
float CreatureData::posY
float CreatureData::posZ
float CreatureData::spawndist
uint32 CreatureData::spawnMask
uint32 CreatureData::spawntimesecs
uint32 CreatureData::unit_flags

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