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VMAP::AreaInfoCallback Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 AreaInfoCallback (ModelInstance *val)
void operator() (const Vector3 &point, uint32 entry)

Public Attributes

AreaInfo aInfo

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

VMAP::AreaInfoCallback::AreaInfoCallback ( ModelInstance val)
56 : prims(val) { }
ModelInstance * prims
Definition: MapTree.cpp:65

Member Function Documentation

void VMAP::AreaInfoCallback::operator() ( const Vector3 point,
uint32  entry 
58  {
59 #ifdef VMAP_DEBUG
60  TC_LOG_DEBUG("maps", "AreaInfoCallback: trying to intersect '%s'", prims[entry].name.c_str());
61 #endif
62  prims[entry].intersectPoint(point, aInfo);
63  }
ModelInstance * prims
Definition: MapTree.cpp:65
#define TC_LOG_DEBUG(filterType__,...)
Definition: Log.h:198
AreaInfo aInfo
Definition: MapTree.cpp:66
void intersectPoint(const G3D::Vector3 &p, AreaInfo &info) const
Definition: ModelInstance.cpp:68

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Member Data Documentation

AreaInfo VMAP::AreaInfoCallback::aInfo
ModelInstance* VMAP::AreaInfoCallback::prims

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