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Movement::Location Struct Reference

#include <MoveSpline.h>

Public Member Functions

 Location ()
 Location (float x, float y, float z, float o)
 Location (const Vector3 &v)
 Location (const Vector3 &v, float o)
- Public Member Functions inherited from G3D::Vector3
 Vector3 ()
 Vector3 (const Any &any)
Any toAny (const std::string &name) const
Any toAny () const
 Vector3 (const Vector4int8 &)
 Vector3 (const class Vector2 &v, float z)
 Vector3 (const class Vector3int32 &v)
 Vector3 (class BinaryInput &b)
 Vector3 (float _x, float _y, float _z)
 Vector3 (float coordinate[3])
 Vector3 (double coordinate[3])
 Vector3 (const class Vector3int16 &v)
 Vector3 (class TextInput &t)
 Vector3 (const class Color3 &c)
void serialize (class BinaryOutput &b) const
void deserialize (class BinaryInput &b)
void serialize (class TextOutput &t) const
void deserialize (class TextInput &t)
const float &__fastcall operator[] (int i) const
float & operator[] (int i)
bool nonZero () const
Axis primaryAxis () const
Vector3 &__fastcall operator= (const Vector3 &rkVector)
Vector3operator= (const Any &a)
bool operator== (const Vector3 &rkVector) const
bool operator!= (const Vector3 &rkVector) const
size_t hashCode () const
bool fuzzyEq (const Vector3 &other) const
bool fuzzyNe (const Vector3 &other) const
bool isFinite () const
bool isNaN () const
bool isZero () const
bool isUnit () const
Vector3 movedTowards (const Vector3 &goal, float maxTranslation) const
void moveTowards (const Vector3 &goal, float maxTranslation)
Vector3 __fastcall operator+ (const Vector3 &v) const
Vector3 __fastcall operator- (const Vector3 &v) const
Vector3 __fastcall operator* (float s) const
Vector3 __fastcall operator/ (float s) const
Vector3 __fastcall operator* (const Vector3 &v) const
Vector3 __fastcall operator/ (const Vector3 &v) const
Vector3 __fastcall operator- () const
Vector3 &__fastcall operator+= (const Vector3 &v)
Vector3 &__fastcall operator-= (const Vector3 &v)
Vector3 &__fastcall operator*= (float s)
Vector3 &__fastcall operator/= (float s)
Vector3 &__fastcall operator*= (const Vector3 &v)
Vector3 &__fastcall operator/= (const Vector3 &v)
float length () const
float magnitude () const
Vector3 pow (float p) const
Vector3 direction () const
Vector3 fastDirection () const
Vector3 reflectAbout (const Vector3 &normal) const
Vector3 reflectionDirection (const Vector3 &normal) const
Vector3 directionOrZero () const
Vector3 refractionDirection (const Vector3 &normal, float iInside, float iOutside) const
Vector3 unit () const
Vector3 fastUnit () const
float squaredLength () const
float squaredMagnitude () const
float __fastcall dot (const Vector3 &rkVector) const
Vector3 __fastcall cross (const Vector3 &rkVector) const
Vector3 unitCross (const Vector3 &rkVector) const
class Matrix3 cross () const
Vector3 __fastcall min (const Vector3 &v) const
Vector3 __fastcall max (const Vector3 &v) const
float min () const
float max () const
std::string toString () const
Vector3 clamp (const Vector3 &low, const Vector3 &high) const
Vector3 clamp (float low, float high) const
Vector3 floor () const
Vector3 round () const
Vector3 lerp (const Vector3 &v, float alpha) const
float sum () const
float average () const
void getTangents (Vector3 &X, Vector3 &Y) const
Vector2 xx () const
Vector2 yx () const
Vector2 zx () const
Vector2 xy () const
Vector2 yy () const
Vector2 zy () const
Vector2 xz () const
Vector2 yz () const
Vector2 zz () const
Vector3 xxx () const
Vector3 yxx () const
Vector3 zxx () const
Vector3 xyx () const
Vector3 yyx () const
Vector3 zyx () const
Vector3 xzx () const
Vector3 yzx () const
Vector3 zzx () const
Vector3 xxy () const
Vector3 yxy () const
Vector3 zxy () const
Vector3 xyy () const
Vector3 yyy () const
Vector3 zyy () const
Vector3 xzy () const
Vector3 yzy () const
Vector3 zzy () const
Vector3 xxz () const
Vector3 yxz () const
Vector3 zxz () const
Vector3 xyz () const
Vector3 yyz () const
Vector3 zyz () const
Vector3 xzz () const
Vector3 yzz () const
Vector3 zzz () const
Vector4 xxxx () const
Vector4 yxxx () const
Vector4 zxxx () const
Vector4 xyxx () const
Vector4 yyxx () const
Vector4 zyxx () const
Vector4 xzxx () const
Vector4 yzxx () const
Vector4 zzxx () const
Vector4 xxyx () const
Vector4 yxyx () const
Vector4 zxyx () const
Vector4 xyyx () const
Vector4 yyyx () const
Vector4 zyyx () const
Vector4 xzyx () const
Vector4 yzyx () const
Vector4 zzyx () const
Vector4 xxzx () const
Vector4 yxzx () const
Vector4 zxzx () const
Vector4 xyzx () const
Vector4 yyzx () const
Vector4 zyzx () const
Vector4 xzzx () const
Vector4 yzzx () const
Vector4 zzzx () const
Vector4 xxxy () const
Vector4 yxxy () const
Vector4 zxxy () const
Vector4 xyxy () const
Vector4 yyxy () const
Vector4 zyxy () const
Vector4 xzxy () const
Vector4 yzxy () const
Vector4 zzxy () const
Vector4 xxyy () const
Vector4 yxyy () const
Vector4 zxyy () const
Vector4 xyyy () const
Vector4 yyyy () const
Vector4 zyyy () const
Vector4 xzyy () const
Vector4 yzyy () const
Vector4 zzyy () const
Vector4 xxzy () const
Vector4 yxzy () const
Vector4 zxzy () const
Vector4 xyzy () const
Vector4 yyzy () const
Vector4 zyzy () const
Vector4 xzzy () const
Vector4 yzzy () const
Vector4 zzzy () const
Vector4 xxxz () const
Vector4 yxxz () const
Vector4 zxxz () const
Vector4 xyxz () const
Vector4 yyxz () const
Vector4 zyxz () const
Vector4 xzxz () const
Vector4 yzxz () const
Vector4 zzxz () const
Vector4 xxyz () const
Vector4 yxyz () const
Vector4 zxyz () const
Vector4 xyyz () const
Vector4 yyyz () const
Vector4 zyyz () const
Vector4 xzyz () const
Vector4 yzyz () const
Vector4 zzyz () const
Vector4 xxzz () const
Vector4 yxzz () const
Vector4 zxzz () const
Vector4 xyzz () const
Vector4 yyzz () const
Vector4 zyzz () const
Vector4 xzzz () const
Vector4 yzzz () const
Vector4 zzzz () const

Public Attributes

float orientation
- Public Attributes inherited from G3D::Vector3
float x
float y
float z

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from G3D::Vector3
enum  Axis { X_AXIS =0, Y_AXIS =1, Z_AXIS =2, DETECT_AXIS =-1 }
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from G3D::Vector3
static void orthonormalize (Vector3 akVector[3])
static Vector3 random (Random &r=Random::common())
 Random unit vector, uniformly distributed on the sphere. More...
static Vector3 cosHemiRandom (const Vector3 &n, Random &r=Random::common())
 Random unit vector, distributed according to $\max(\cos \theta,0)$. More...
static Vector3 cosSphereRandom (const Vector3 &n, Random &r=Random::common())
static Vector3 cosPowHemiRandom (const Vector3 &n, const float k, Random &r=Random::common())
 Random unit vector, distributed according to $\max(\cos^k \theta,0)$. More...
static Vector3 hemiRandom (const Vector3 &normal, Random &r=Random::common())
 Random vector distributed over the hemisphere about normal. More...
static const Vector3zero ()
static const Vector3one ()
static const Vector3unitX ()
static const Vector3unitY ()
static const Vector3unitZ ()
static const Vector3inf ()
static const Vector3nan ()
static const Vector3minFinite ()
static const Vector3maxFinite ()
static Vector3ignore ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Movement::Location::Location ( )
38 : orientation(0) { }
float orientation
Definition: MoveSpline.h:43
Movement::Location::Location ( float  x,
float  y,
float  z,
float  o 
39 : Vector3(x, y, z), orientation(o) { }
float x
Definition: Vector3.h:62
float y
Definition: Vector3.h:62
Definition: Vector3.h:604
float orientation
Definition: MoveSpline.h:43
float z
Definition: Vector3.h:62
Movement::Location::Location ( const Vector3 v)
40 : Vector3(v), orientation(0) { }
Definition: Vector3.h:604
float orientation
Definition: MoveSpline.h:43
Movement::Location::Location ( const Vector3 v,
float  o 
41 : Vector3(v), orientation(o) { }
Definition: Vector3.h:604
float orientation
Definition: MoveSpline.h:43

Member Data Documentation

float Movement::Location::orientation

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