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1 /*
2  * Copyright (C) 2008-2016 TrinityCore <>
3  *
4  * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
5  * under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the
6  * Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your
7  * option) any later version.
8  *
9  * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT
10  * ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or
11  * FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for
12  * more details.
13  *
14  * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along
15  * with this program. If not, see <>.
16  */
18 #ifndef TRINITY_DB2SFRM_H
19 #define TRINITY_DB2SFRM_H
21 char const AchievementFormat[] = "niiissiiiiisiii";
22 char const AreaGroupMemberFormat[] = "nii";
23 char const AuctionHouseFormat[] = "niiis";
24 char const BarberShopStyleFormat[] = "nissfiii";
25 char const BattlePetBreedQualityFormat[] = "nif";
26 char const BattlePetBreedStateFormat[] = "niii";
27 char const BattlePetSpeciesFormat[] = "niiiiiiss";
28 char const BattlePetSpeciesStateFormat[] = "niii";
29 char const BroadcastTextFormat[] = "nissiiiiiiiii";
30 char const CharStartOutfitFormat[] = "nbbbbiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii";
31 char const ChrClassesXPowerTypesFormat[] = "iii";
32 char const CinematicSequencesFormat[] = "niiiiiiiii";
33 char const CreatureDisplayInfoFormat[] = "niiiffissssiiiiiiiiiii";
34 char const CreatureTypeFormat[] = "nsi";
35 char const CriteriaFormat[] = "niiiiiiiiiii";
36 char const CriteriaTreeFormat[] = "niliiisi";
37 char const CurrencyTypesFormat[] = "nisssiiiiiis";
38 char const CurvePointFormat[] = "niiff";
39 char const DestructibleModelDataFormat[] = "niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii";
40 char const DurabilityQualityFormat[] = "nf";
41 char const GameObjectsFormat[] = "niiffffffffiiiiiiiiiiiis";
42 char const GameTablesFormat[] = "nsii";
43 char const GarrAbilityFormat[] = "nissiiii";
44 char const GarrBuildingFormat[] = "niiiiissssiiiiiiiiiiiiii";
45 char const GarrBuildingPlotInstFormat[] = "niiiff";
46 char const GarrClassSpecFormat[] = "nsssii";
47 char const GarrFollowerFormat[] = "niiiiiiiiiiiiiiissiiiiii";
48 char const GarrFollowerXAbilityFormat[] = "niii";
49 char const GarrPlotBuildingFormat[] = "nii";
50 char const GarrPlotFormat[] = "niiisiiii";
51 char const GarrPlotInstanceFormat[] = "nis";
52 char const GarrSiteLevelFormat[] = "niiiiffiiii";
53 char const GarrSiteLevelPlotInstFormat[] = "niiffi";
54 char const GlyphSlotFormat[] = "nii";
55 char const HeirloomFormat[] = "niisiiiiiiii";
56 char const GuildPerkSpellsFormat[] = "nii";
57 char const HolidaysEntryFormat[] = "niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisiii";
58 char const ImportPriceArmorFormat[] = "nffff";
59 char const ImportPriceQualityFormat[] = "nf";
60 char const ImportPriceShieldFormat[] = "nf";
61 char const ImportPriceWeaponFormat[] = "nf";
62 char const ItemAppearanceFormat[] = "nii";
63 char const ItemBonusFormat[] = "niiiii";
64 char const ItemBonusTreeNodeFormat[] = "niiii";
65 char const ItemClassFormat[] = "nifs";
66 char const ItemCurrencyCostFormat[] = "in";
67 char const ItemDisenchantLootFormat[] = "niiiiii";
68 char const ItemEffectFormat[] = "niiiiiiiii";
69 char const ItemExtendedCostFormat[] = "niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii";
70 char const ItemFormat[] = "niiiiiiii";
71 char const ItemLimitCategoryFormat[] = "nsii";
72 char const ItemModifiedAppearanceFormat[] = "niiiii";
73 char const ItemPriceBaseFormat[] = "niff";
74 char const ItemRandomPropertiesFormat[] = "nsiiiiis";
75 char const ItemRandomSuffixFormat[] = "nssiiiiiiiiii";
76 char const ItemSparseFormat[] = "niiiiffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiffffffffffiiifisssssiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifiiifiii";
77 char const ItemSpecFormat[] = "niiiiii";
78 char const ItemSpecOverrideFormat[] = "nii";
79 char const ItemToBattlePetSpeciesFormat[] = "ni";
80 char const ItemXBonusTreeFormat[] = "nii";
81 char const KeyChainFormat[] = "nbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb";
82 char const MailTemplateFormat[] = "ns";
83 char const ModifierTreeFormat[] = "niiiiii";
84 char const MountCapabilityFormat[] = "niiiiiii";
85 char const MountFormat[] = "niiiisssii";
86 char const MountTypeXCapabilityFormat[] = "niii";
87 char const NameGenFormat[] = "nsii";
88 char const NamesProfanityFormat[] = "nSi";
89 char const NamesReservedFormat[] = "nS";
90 char const NamesReservedLocaleFormat[] = "nSi";
91 char const OverrideSpellDataFormat[] = "niiiiiiiiiiii";
92 char const PhaseXPhaseGroupFormat[] = "nii";
93 char const PlayerConditionFormat[] = "niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisiii";
94 char const QuestMoneyRewardFormat[] = "niiiiiiiiii";
95 char const QuestPackageItemfmt[] = "niiii";
96 char const QuestSortFormat[] = "ns";
97 char const QuestV2Format[] = "ni";
98 char const QuestXPFormat[] = "niiiiiiiiii";
99 char const ScalingStatDistributionFormat[] = "niii";
100 char const SoundEntriesFormat[] = "nisiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiififfiifffffii";
101 char const SpecializationSpellsFormat[] = "niiiis";
102 char const SpellAuraRestrictionsFormat[] = "niiiiiiii";
103 char const SpellCastTimesFormat[] = "niii";
104 char const SpellCastingRequirementsFormat[] = "niiiiii";
105 char const SpellClassOptionsFormat[] = "niiiiii";
106 char const SpellDurationFormat[] = "niii";
107 char const SpellItemEnchantmentConditionFormat[] = "nbbbbbiiiiibbbbbbbbbbiiiiibbbbb";
108 char const SpellLearnSpellFormat[] = "niii";
109 char const SpellMiscFormat[] = "niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifiiif";
110 char const SpellPowerDifficultyFormat[] = "nii";
111 char const SpellPowerFormat[] = "niiiiiiiiiffif";
112 char const SpellRadiusFormat[] = "nffff";
113 char const SpellRangeFormat[] = "nffffiss";
114 char const SpellReagentsFormat[] = "niiiiiiiiiiiiiiii";
115 char const SpellRuneCostFormat[] = "niiiii";
116 char const SpellTotemsFormat[] = "niiii";
117 char const SpellXSpellVisualFormat[] = "niiiifii";
118 char const TaxiNodesFormat[] = "nifffsiiiiiff";
119 char const TaxiPathFormat[] = "niii";
120 char const TaxiPathNodeFormat[] = "niiifffiiii";
121 char const TotemCategoryFormat[] = "nsii";
122 char const ToyFormat[] = "niisi";
123 char const TransportAnimationFormat[] = "niifffi";
124 char const TransportRotationFormat[] = "niiffff";
125 char const UnitPowerBarFormat[] = "niiiiffiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssff";
126 char const WorldMapOverlayFormat[] = "niiiiisiiiiiiiii";
128 #endif
char const OverrideSpellDataFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:91
char const CurrencyTypesFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:37
char const ItemDisenchantLootFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:67
char const ImportPriceArmorFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:58
char const BarberShopStyleFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:24
char const ItemClassFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:65
char const QuestXPFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:98
char const AchievementFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:21
char const BattlePetSpeciesStateFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:28
char const SpellTotemsFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:116
char const ItemSpecFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:77
char const SpellRuneCostFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:115
char const SpellXSpellVisualFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:117
char const SpellAuraRestrictionsFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:102
char const CinematicSequencesFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:32
char const ScalingStatDistributionFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:99
char const GlyphSlotFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:54
char const ItemLimitCategoryFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:71
char const GarrBuildingPlotInstFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:45
char const GarrFollowerFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:47
char const ItemToBattlePetSpeciesFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:79
char const CriteriaTreeFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:36
char const MountCapabilityFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:84
char const CharStartOutfitFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:30
char const BattlePetBreedStateFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:26
char const ItemBonusFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:63
char const ItemXBonusTreeFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:80
char const ItemAppearanceFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:62
char const ChrClassesXPowerTypesFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:31
char const GameTablesFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:42
char const CriteriaFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:35
char const ItemCurrencyCostFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:66
char const NamesProfanityFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:88
char const ImportPriceQualityFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:59
char const ItemEffectFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:68
char const SpellCastingRequirementsFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:104
char const GameObjectsFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:41
char const SpellCastTimesFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:103
char const ItemModifiedAppearanceFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:72
char const ItemSparseFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:76
char const GarrPlotInstanceFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:51
char const ItemSpecOverrideFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:78
char const TransportRotationFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:124
char const GarrAbilityFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:43
char const ImportPriceShieldFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:60
char const HolidaysEntryFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:57
char const PhaseXPhaseGroupFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:92
char const WorldMapOverlayFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:126
char const SpellLearnSpellFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:108
char const GarrPlotBuildingFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:49
char const SpellMiscFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:109
char const CurvePointFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:38
char const SpecializationSpellsFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:101
char const SpellRadiusFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:112
char const GarrFollowerXAbilityFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:48
char const SpellClassOptionsFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:105
char const QuestMoneyRewardFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:94
char const SpellItemEnchantmentConditionFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:107
char const NamesReservedLocaleFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:90
char const GarrPlotFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:50
char const ItemBonusTreeNodeFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:64
char const BroadcastTextFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:29
char const KeyChainFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:81
char const SpellDurationFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:106
char const ModifierTreeFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:83
char const DurabilityQualityFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:40
char const QuestPackageItemfmt[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:95
char const MountFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:85
char const PlayerConditionFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:93
char const GarrSiteLevelPlotInstFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:53
char const GarrSiteLevelFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:52
char const BattlePetBreedQualityFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:25
char const ItemFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:70
char const SpellReagentsFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:114
char const TransportAnimationFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:123
char const ItemRandomPropertiesFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:74
char const UnitPowerBarFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:125
char const ImportPriceWeaponFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:61
char const AreaGroupMemberFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:22
char const TotemCategoryFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:121
char const ItemExtendedCostFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:69
char const ToyFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:122
char const GarrClassSpecFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:46
char const ItemPriceBaseFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:73
char const SoundEntriesFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:100
char const SpellPowerDifficultyFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:110
char const NamesReservedFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:89
char const TaxiNodesFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:118
char const SpellPowerFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:111
char const AuctionHouseFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:23
char const GarrBuildingFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:44
char const TaxiPathFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:119
char const BattlePetSpeciesFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:27
char const HeirloomFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:55
char const NameGenFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:87
char const CreatureTypeFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:34
char const DestructibleModelDataFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:39
char const GuildPerkSpellsFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:56
char const QuestV2Format[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:97
char const MailTemplateFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:82
char const CreatureDisplayInfoFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:33
char const QuestSortFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:96
char const TaxiPathNodeFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:120
char const SpellRangeFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:113
char const ItemRandomSuffixFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:75
char const MountTypeXCapabilityFormat[]
Definition: DB2fmt.h:86