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WorldPackets::AuctionHouse::AuctionItem::AuctionItemEnchant Struct Reference

#include <AuctionHousePackets.h>

Public Member Functions

 AuctionItemEnchant (int32 id, uint32 expiration, int32 charges, uint8 slot)

Public Attributes

int32 ID = 0
uint32 Expiration = 0
int32 Charges = 0
uint8 Slot = 0

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

WorldPackets::AuctionHouse::AuctionItem::AuctionItemEnchant::AuctionItemEnchant ( int32  id,
uint32  expiration,
int32  charges,
uint8  slot 
36 : ID(id), Expiration(expiration), Charges(charges), Slot(slot) { }
int32 Charges
Definition: AuctionHousePackets.h:39
uint32 Expiration
Definition: AuctionHousePackets.h:38
uint8 Slot
Definition: AuctionHousePackets.h:40
int32 ID
Definition: AuctionHousePackets.h:37

Member Data Documentation

int32 WorldPackets::AuctionHouse::AuctionItem::AuctionItemEnchant::Charges = 0
uint32 WorldPackets::AuctionHouse::AuctionItem::AuctionItemEnchant::Expiration = 0
int32 WorldPackets::AuctionHouse::AuctionItem::AuctionItemEnchant::ID = 0
uint8 WorldPackets::AuctionHouse::AuctionItem::AuctionItemEnchant::Slot = 0

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