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WorldPackets::BattlePet::PetBattleSlotUpdates Class Referencefinal

#include <BattlePetPackets.h>

Public Member Functions

 PetBattleSlotUpdates ()
WorldPacket constWrite () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from WorldPackets::ServerPacket
 ServerPacket (OpcodeServer opcode, size_t initialSize=200, ConnectionType connection=CONNECTION_TYPE_DEFAULT)
void Read () overridefinal
void Clear ()
WorldPacket && Move ()
OpcodeServer GetOpcode () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from WorldPackets::Packet
 Packet (WorldPacket &&worldPacket)
virtual ~Packet ()=default
 Packet (Packet const &right)=delete
Packetoperator= (Packet const &right)=delete
WorldPacket constGetRawPacket () const
size_t GetSize () const
ConnectionType GetConnection () const

Public Attributes

std::vector< BattlePetSlotSlots
bool AutoSlotted = false
bool NewSlot = false

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from WorldPackets::Packet
WorldPacket _worldPacket

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

WorldPackets::BattlePet::PetBattleSlotUpdates::PetBattleSlotUpdates ( )
ServerPacket(OpcodeServer opcode, size_t initialSize=200, ConnectionType connection=CONNECTION_TYPE_DEFAULT)
Definition: Packet.h:49
Definition: Opcodes.h:1350

Member Function Documentation

WorldPacket const * WorldPackets::BattlePet::PetBattleSlotUpdates::Write ( )

Implements WorldPackets::Packet.

97 {
98  _worldPacket << uint32(Slots.size());
100  for (auto const& slot : Slots)
101  _worldPacket << slot;
107  return &_worldPacket;
108 }
bool NewSlot
Definition: BattlePetPackets.h:105
void FlushBits()
Definition: ByteBuffer.h:150
WorldPacket _worldPacket
Definition: Packet.h:43
bool WriteBit(uint32 bit)
Definition: ByteBuffer.h:170
bool AutoSlotted
Definition: BattlePetPackets.h:104
std::vector< BattlePetSlot > Slots
Definition: BattlePetPackets.h:103
uint32_t uint32
Definition: g3dmath.h:168

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Member Data Documentation

bool WorldPackets::BattlePet::PetBattleSlotUpdates::AutoSlotted = false
bool WorldPackets::BattlePet::PetBattleSlotUpdates::NewSlot = false
std::vector<BattlePetSlot> WorldPackets::BattlePet::PetBattleSlotUpdates::Slots

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