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CliCommandHolder Struct Reference

Storage class for commands issued for delayed execution. More...

#include <World.h>

Public Types

typedef void Print (void *, const char *)
typedef void CommandFinished (void *, bool success)

Public Member Functions

 CliCommandHolder (void *callbackArg, const char *command, Print *zprint, CommandFinished *commandFinished)
 ~CliCommandHolder ()

Public Attributes

void * m_callbackArg
char * m_command

Private Member Functions

 CliCommandHolder (CliCommandHolder const &right)=delete
CliCommandHolderoperator= (CliCommandHolder const &right)=delete

Detailed Description

Storage class for commands issued for delayed execution.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef void CliCommandHolder::CommandFinished(void *, bool success)
typedef void CliCommandHolder::Print(void *, const char *)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CliCommandHolder::CliCommandHolder ( void *  callbackArg,
const char *  command,
Print zprint,
CommandFinished commandFinished 
519  : m_callbackArg(callbackArg), m_command(strdup(command)), m_print(zprint), m_commandFinished(commandFinished)
520  {
521  }
CommandFinished * m_commandFinished
Definition: World.h:516
char * m_command
Definition: World.h:513
Print * m_print
Definition: World.h:514
void * m_callbackArg
Definition: World.h:512
void commandFinished(void *, bool)
Definition: CliRunnable.cpp:111
CliCommandHolder::~CliCommandHolder ( )
523 { free(m_command); }
char * m_command
Definition: World.h:513
CliCommandHolder::CliCommandHolder ( CliCommandHolder const right)

Member Function Documentation

CliCommandHolder& CliCommandHolder::operator= ( CliCommandHolder const right)

Member Data Documentation

void* CliCommandHolder::m_callbackArg
char* CliCommandHolder::m_command
CommandFinished* CliCommandHolder::m_commandFinished
Print* CliCommandHolder::m_print

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