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WorldPackets::AuctionHouse::AuctionOwnerNotification Struct Reference

#include <AuctionHousePackets.h>

Public Member Functions

void Initialize (::AuctionEntry const *auction,::Item const *item)

Public Attributes

int32 AuctionItemID = 0
uint64 BidAmount = 0
Item::ItemInstance Item

Member Function Documentation

void WorldPackets::AuctionHouse::AuctionOwnerNotification::Initialize ( ::AuctionEntry const auction,
::Item const item 
83 {
84  AuctionItemID = auction->Id;
85  Item.Initialize(item);
86  BidAmount = auction->bid;
87 }
uint64 BidAmount
Definition: AuctionHousePackets.h:69
Definition: Item.h:259
int32 AuctionItemID
Definition: AuctionHousePackets.h:68

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Member Data Documentation

int32 WorldPackets::AuctionHouse::AuctionOwnerNotification::AuctionItemID = 0
uint64 WorldPackets::AuctionHouse::AuctionOwnerNotification::BidAmount = 0
Item::ItemInstance WorldPackets::AuctionHouse::AuctionOwnerNotification::Item

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