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Triangle.h File Reference
#include "G3D/platform.h"
#include "G3D/g3dmath.h"
#include "G3D/Vector3.h"
#include "G3D/Plane.h"
#include "G3D/BoundsTrait.h"
#include "G3D/debugAssert.h"
#include <string>
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class  G3D::Triangle
struct  HashTrait< G3D::Triangle >
struct  BoundsTrait< class G3D::Triangle >



Detailed Description

Morgan McGuire,

2003-04-05 2011-06-20

[Random] point method by Greg Turk, Generating random points in triangles. In A. S. Glassner, ed., Graphics Gems, pp. 24-28. Academic Press, 1990

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