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AreaTableEntry Struct Reference

#include <DBCStructure.h>

Public Member Functions

bool IsSanctuary () const

Public Attributes

uint32 ID
uint32 MapID
uint32 ParentAreaID
int32 AreaBit
uint32 Flags [2]
uint32 ExplorationLevel
char * AreaName_lang
uint32 FactionGroupMask
uint32 LiquidTypeID [4]

Member Function Documentation

bool AreaTableEntry::IsSanctuary ( ) const
67  {
68  if (MapID == 609)
69  return true;
70  return (Flags[0] & AREA_FLAG_SANCTUARY) != 0;
71  }
Definition: DBCEnums.h:381
uint32 Flags[2]
Definition: DBCStructure.h:43
uint32 MapID
Definition: DBCStructure.h:40

Member Data Documentation

int32 AreaTableEntry::AreaBit
char* AreaTableEntry::AreaName_lang
uint32 AreaTableEntry::ExplorationLevel
uint32 AreaTableEntry::FactionGroupMask
uint32 AreaTableEntry::Flags[2]
uint32 AreaTableEntry::ID
uint32 AreaTableEntry::LiquidTypeID[4]
uint32 AreaTableEntry::MapID
uint32 AreaTableEntry::ParentAreaID

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