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Trinity::NearestGameObjectFishingHole Class Reference

#include <GridNotifiers.h>

Public Member Functions

 NearestGameObjectFishingHole (WorldObject const &obj, float range)
bool operator() (GameObject *go)
float GetLastRange () const

Private Member Functions

 NearestGameObjectFishingHole (NearestGameObjectFishingHole const &)

Private Attributes

WorldObject consti_obj
float i_range

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Trinity::NearestGameObjectFishingHole::NearestGameObjectFishingHole ( WorldObject const obj,
float  range 
650 : i_obj(obj), i_range(range) { }
WorldObject const & i_obj
Definition: GridNotifiers.h:662
float i_range
Definition: GridNotifiers.h:663
Trinity::NearestGameObjectFishingHole::NearestGameObjectFishingHole ( NearestGameObjectFishingHole const )

Member Function Documentation

float Trinity::NearestGameObjectFishingHole::GetLastRange ( ) const
660 { return i_range; }
float i_range
Definition: GridNotifiers.h:663
bool Trinity::NearestGameObjectFishingHole::operator() ( GameObject go)
652  {
654  {
655  i_range = i_obj.GetDistance(go);
656  return true;
657  }
658  return false;
659  }
WorldObject const & i_obj
Definition: GridNotifiers.h:662
bool IsWithinDistInMap(WorldObject const *obj, float dist2compare, bool is3D=true) const
Definition: Object.cpp:1663
float GetDistance(WorldObject const *obj) const
Definition: Object.cpp:1594
GameObjectTemplate const * GetGOInfo() const
Definition: GameObject.h:894
Definition: SharedDefines.h:2090
bool isSpawned() const
Definition: GameObject.h:951
float i_range
Definition: GridNotifiers.h:663
struct GameObjectTemplate::@221::@248 fishingHole
uint32 type
Definition: GameObject.h:37

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Member Data Documentation

WorldObject const& Trinity::NearestGameObjectFishingHole::i_obj
float Trinity::NearestGameObjectFishingHole::i_range

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