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Battlenet::Session::GameAccountInfo Struct Reference

#include <Session.h>

Public Member Functions

void LoadResult (Field *fields)

Public Attributes

uint32 Id
std::string Name
std::string DisplayName
bool IsBanned
bool IsPermanenetlyBanned
AccountTypes SecurityLevel
std::unordered_map< uint32, uint8CharacterCounts
< std::string,

Member Function Documentation

void Battlenet::Session::GameAccountInfo::LoadResult ( Field fields)
52 {
53  //, a.username, ab.unbandate > UNIX_TIMESTAMP() OR ab.unbandate = ab.bandate, ab.unbandate = ab.bandate, aa.gmlevel
54  Id = fields[0].GetUInt32();
55  Name = fields[1].GetString();
56  IsBanned = fields[2].GetUInt64() != 0;
57  IsPermanenetlyBanned = fields[3].GetUInt64() != 0;
58  SecurityLevel = AccountTypes(fields[4].GetUInt8());
60  std::size_t hashPos = Name.find('#');
61  if (hashPos != std::string::npos)
62  DisplayName = std::string("WoW") + Name.substr(hashPos + 1);
63  else
64  DisplayName = Name;
65 }
uint64 GetUInt64() const
Definition: Field.h:184
std::string Name
Definition: Session.h:97
bool IsBanned
Definition: Session.h:99
std::string DisplayName
Definition: Session.h:98
AccountTypes SecurityLevel
Definition: Session.h:101
Definition: Common.h:106
uint32 Id
Definition: Session.h:96
uint32 GetUInt32() const
Definition: Field.h:146
std::string GetString() const
Definition: Field.h:276
bool IsPermanenetlyBanned
Definition: Session.h:100

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Member Data Documentation

std::unordered_map<uint32 , uint8> Battlenet::Session::GameAccountInfo::CharacterCounts
std::string Battlenet::Session::GameAccountInfo::DisplayName
uint32 Battlenet::Session::GameAccountInfo::Id
bool Battlenet::Session::GameAccountInfo::IsBanned
bool Battlenet::Session::GameAccountInfo::IsPermanenetlyBanned
std::unordered_map<std::string , LastPlayedCharacterInfo> Battlenet::Session::GameAccountInfo::LastPlayedCharacters
std::string Battlenet::Session::GameAccountInfo::Name
AccountTypes Battlenet::Session::GameAccountInfo::SecurityLevel

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